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General purpose thermography cameras

The Telops SPARK line of cooled MWIR cameras are designed for high-performance in general purpose thermography applications. Available in both VGA and HD detector formats, SPARK cameras can be configured to meet your specific measurement requirements. When combined with the powerful yet intuitive RevealIR acquisition software, the user is able to control all aspects of the data collection process.

All SPARK cameras feature Telops unique permanent radiometric calibration and the Automatic Exposure Control operating mode.

Download the SPARK-IR Series Datasheet

Download the SPARK M150 Datasheet

Key benefits include:

  • High frame rate: Telops’ SPARK cameras go as fast as 14 000 fps, depending on the model and selected subwindow size
  • Unique features and operational flexibility to obtain precise measurements over the entire operating range of the camera.

General purpose thermography cameras

High-speed control and temperature monitoring.

General purpose thermography cameras

Observation of cooling water system.

Key Specifications

SPARK Series
Spectral RangeSpatial ResolutionMax. Frame Rate
in Full Window
Max. Frame Rate
in Subwindow
SPARK M1501.5- 5.4 μm640 x 512 px220 Hz4 000 Hz @ 132 x 4
SPARK M1001.5- 5.1 μm640 × 512 px120 Hz3 000 Hz @ 136 x 2
SPARK M60hd3.7- 5 μm1280 × 1024 px59 Hz14 000 Hz @ 64 x 4

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Other configurations are available upon request.


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