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SWIR line scan camera 900-1700nm Lynx-CL and GigE: New Small, Fast, High resolution, high speed uncooled

swir line scan camera LYNX

Smallest SWIR line scan camera with excellent sensitivity.

With three resolution options ranging from 512 x 1, 1024 x 1 up to 2048 x 1 pixels, the Lynx-CL provides you with high resolution information about your quality assurance measurements. The Lynx-CL line-scan camera has a line rate of up to 40 kHz for the Lynx-512-CL and the Lynx-1024-CL versions and up to 10 kHz for the Lynx-2048-CL version. Due to its CameraLink interface and the available trigger in/out it can be very easily integrated into your system. This makes the Lynx-CL a perfect solution for any kind of quality inspection or process control.

Lynx-CL SWIR Line Scan Camera: High resolution, high speed, small size

Machine vision inspection using the Lynx-CL provides you with high resolution information about quality assurance measurements. This SWIR camera matches perfectly the absorption spectra of low-level photon emissions, is less sensitive to emissivity changes for thermal measurements and provides increased subsurface penetration depth images.

The Lynx-CL swir line scan camera offers in many ways an affordable solution. The small form factor, high resolution and smallest pixel pitch of 12.5 µm (or 25 µm for the Lynx-512-CL) allows more precision and optimization of compact systems with lower cost lenses. And as it is an uncooled camera, it will consume less power compared to cooled systems.

The Lynx-CL is perfectly suited for high speed scanning with high line rates up to 40 kHz. In addition the camera comes with an industry-standard CameraLink interface for data transfer at full line rate.

You will reach optimal image quality with low dark current and excellent signal to noise ratios. Furthermore on the Lynx-CL you can fully flexible set the integration time from 1µs to several minutes. This results in the best image quality for any application.

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