Lynx TE1 cooled: Extremely sensitive infrared line-scan camera

The new Lynx SWIR line-scan InGaAs camera is raising technology to new peaks for high speed imaging applications in machine vision and medical OCT, in low light level applications such as Raman, Emission and Luminescence spectroscopy, as well as in hyperspectral imaging.

With three resolution options ranging from 512, 1024 up to 2048 pixels, Lynx offers worldwide the highest SWIR resolution at pixel formats from the smallest in the world of 12,5 x 12,5 µm² to 250 µm high rectangular pixels.

In addition, the Lynx TE1 infrared camera features a high line rate of up to 40 kHz (1,024-pixel version) and 10 kHz (2,048-pixel version).

To further reduce dark current and improve signal to noise ratios you can use the Lynx with standard TE1cooler in high sensitivity mode (HS) of only a few e-/count, or in a high dynamic range mode (HDR); with optional TE3 cooler stage. You can choose from various configurations in between HS and HDR mode in order to optimize the performance for your applications.