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OCI handheld imagers, i.e. OCI-1000 and OCI-2000

Among the two models, the OCI-2000 is a snapshot imager, with which you simply take a snapshot (like taking a picture with your own RGB color camera), and the spectral information is acquired for each pixel as well. In this case, you will obtain cubic data with a single shot without any moving part. For the OCI-1000, the object or the camera needs to be moving to achieve the hyper spectral imaging and it is used in the scanning mode. The OCI-1000™ and OCI-2000™ are the only handheld hyperspectral imagers on the market which acquire full VNIR hyperspectral data at video rate


(2) OCI-OEM (OCI-1000-OEM or OCI-2000-OEM)

In addition to the handheld model, OCI-OEM model is also offered with which the optical engine of the imager is in its own module separated from the controller.

(3) OCI-UAV (OCI-1000-UAV, or OCI-2000-UAV)

The OCI-UAV model is designed with light weight for UAV applications only.


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