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Intrusion & Motion Sensors: Outdoor, SCEC Approved

High and Medium security sensors for area of specific asset protection. Area Protection, Ladders and Towers, Vehicle Detection, Directional models. The range is supplemented by innovative laser scanning intrusion detectors.

These unique sensors, designed by Protech (USA), are ideal for applications requiring strategic area or specific asset protection and provide high security outdoor intrusion detection for various markets. The “Stereo Doppler” technology gives the sensors the ability to provide the highest level of security with the lowest nuisance alarm rate possible.

The PIRAMID sensors have a very broad application range. The key to their success is the unique, dual–channel Stereo Doppler Microwave Detector and its ability to ignore randomly moving objects. The capability to field adjust the distance a target must move to create an alarm, enhances the sensor’s adaptability to most environmental situations.

We provide military, government, commercial, and industrial users the highest standard in intrusion detectors. Protech intrusion and motion sensors are the ideal cost effective solutions to your security needs and should be a primary component in any alarm system.

Detection capability of PIRAMID sensors

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YouTube video