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Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras, MWIR, LWIR

Sophisticated Research grade infrared cameras with high accuracy and stability, broad range of temperatures, various infrared lenses and filters, user calibration, and other features for research applications.

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Infrared cameras for research are designed for high accuracy and stability with broad ranges of temperatures, various lenses and filters, ultra–high speeds and user calibration among standard features.Typical applications include:

  • Laser research (within 0,7 to 2,5 microns ranges);
  • High speed thermography;
  • Microscopic infrared imaging and thermography;
  • Medical research;
  • Stress imaging;
  • Energy dissipation imaging;
  • Non–destructive testing;
  • Gas research;
  • Electronics research.

We have been supplying sophisticated R&D grade infrared camera equipment and software in Australia and New Zealand for many years. We are current official distributor of NEC AVIO (Japan), Xenics (Belgium), Testo (Germany) leaders in R&D grade optical equipment.Our clients include:

  • Melbourne University;
  • Swinburne University;
  • James Cook University;
  • Monash University;
  • University of Queensland;
  • University of NSW;
  • University of Adelaide;
  • CSIRO;
  • DSTO;
  • DTA (NZ);
  • ANSTO;
  • Bosch;
  • Electrolux;
  • Department of Defence;
  • And many other industry leading organizations.

Talk to us, discover the many ways we can help your research work.