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ANT Infrared SWIR Multispectral Camera. New and Unique 9 Bands in positively wide 1100 – 1700 nm Spectral Range.

SWIR Multispectral camera with 1100-1700nm spectral range, 9 spectral bands, 640×512 raw resolution, USB 3.0interface, 15um pixel pitch.



The Power of the Infrared Multispectral for your SWIR Applications

SILIOS ANT SWIR Multispectral Cameras, Compact and Robust.

The SILIOS ANT Multispectral camera is specially designed to allow high integration of SWIR multispectral systems.

This lightweight (120g) and very small footprint (46.5×46.5×32.5mm) camera splits the image into 9 spectral bands on the SWIR range (1100-1700nm). Made by hybridization of a custom Bayer-like mosaic filter on a commercial InGaAs Sensor, it allows extracting the spectrum on each point of the image.

ANT Infrared SWIR Multispectral Camera. New and Unique 9 Bands in positively wide 1100 - 1700 nm Spectral Range.

ANT SWIR Multispectral Camera 1100-1700 nm

Typical ANT filter transmission spectrum

ANT swir multispectral camera, infrared multispectral camera
ANT Infrared SWIR Multispectral Camera. New and Unique 9 Bands in positively wide 1100 - 1700 nm Spectral Range.


Array typeInGaAs
Optical InterfaceCS-mount (C-mount compatible with additional C-ring)
Resolution (raw picture)213 (H) x 170 (V)
Pixel pitch15 μm
Maximum frame rate178 Hz (camera acquisition) / TBD Hz (COLOR SHADES Lab)
Exposure time range0.3 µs to 7 ms
Camera controlUSB 3.0
Digital output16-bit USB 3.0
Power supplyUSB 3.0
Dimension (W x H x L)46.5 x 46.5 x 32.5 mm
Weight (camera head)120 g
Spectral Specifications
Typical Spectral Range1100 to 1600 nm
Number of bands9
Bandwidth (FWHM avg)30 nm

SILIOS SWIR Multispectral Camera Technology.

The COLOR SHADES® technology is a unique manufacturing technique to produce multispectral pixelated filters.

​The filters are composed of several cells, each of which is filtering a given wavelength band. The number of cells, their size, geometry and organization onto the filter, the number of bands and their centering wavelengths are configurable.

​The association of such COLOR SHADES® filters with 1D/2D sensors provides spectrometers/multispectral imagers.


The main advantages of COLOR SHADES® technology are the flexibility in the filters and cells sizing, the flexibility in the choice of the wavelength centering, and the filter cost thanks to the use of collective manufacturing methods.


SILIOS designs and manufactures filters in the Short Wave Infrared (SWIR), Visible range (VIS) and in the Near Infra-Red range (NIR).


Custom Infrared Multispectral Sensors & Cameras

Need for a specific wavelength range ? Specific band centering ? A specific image resolution ? A specific sensor ?

SILIOS offers to design and manufacture your custom pixelated Filters, multispectral Sensors and/or Cameras.

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Software Development Kit (SDK) for SWIR Multispectral Cameras


COLOR SHADES® LAB is the SDK for the SILIOS multispectral cameras (CMS, CMS4, TOUCAN and ANT). It allows :

1) displaying the raw images, false color images, gray scale images or overlaid images with different indexation methods (such as “spectrum recognition”),

2) normalizing the spectral channels,

3) applying multispectral image corrections such as the crosstalk correction,

4) extracting the hypercubes.


COLOR SHADES® LAB runs with real time acquisition, but can also run with recorded single image or series of images (“replay mode”).

​COLOR SHADES® LAB supports any of the SILIOS cameras and recognizes each plugged one via its S/N number. The specific spectral data of the corresponding multispectral sensor are then used for spectral corrections and treatments.

COLOR SHADES® LAB is supplied for free with any purchased multispectral CMS/CMS4 camera.


Rice versus Pebbles Sorting using the CMS-V camera