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SpectralSight™ Powerful Automated Hyperspectral System

Automated Hyperspectral System with RVS Software

The SpectralSight System is used to rapidly acquire and analyze hyperspectral data in both laboratory and industrial settings.

Resonon’s Real-time Vision System (RVS) software automatically detects objects on the conveyor belt and creates a datacube for each object. Machine learning algorithms in RVS can be used to classify objects on the belt or quantify a variable via regression, enabling optical sorting.

Datacubes collected with RVS can be analyzed in our Spectronon software.



The SpectralSight Automated Hyperspectral System with RVS software can automatically detect objects and save a hyperspectral datacube of each object, saving you time.
The SpectralSight system can be fitted with Resonon’s Pika UVPika LPika L-FPika IRPika IR+, Pika IR-L, and Pika IR-L+ cameras, covering the 330 – 1700 nm spectral range.
Standard System Components:
  • Hyperspectral camera and Objective lens
  • Conveyor belt system (gray or food-processing blue belt options)
  • Mounting tower and calibration tile
  • 6- fixture halogen flood light with stabilized power supply
  • High-performance desktop computer with RVS software preloaded
  • A SpectralSight Conversion Kit is available to turn an existing Resonon Benchtop System into a SpectralSight System.
  • A halogen line light or a COBRA hyperspectral LED light can be purchased instead of the 6-fixture halogen light. For guidance on which to choose for your specific application, please see this comparison.
Resonon’s hyperspectral imaging systems are rugged and built to last, and we guarantee their performance. All our products include a two-year warranty. For details, click here for Warranty and Repairs.

Resonon’s RVS Software can also classify or grade objects via their hyperspectral signature and output those results to downstream systems, likes robots or a database.

For industrial applications, RVS can be used without the SpectralSight system.

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Automated Hyperspectral System with RVS Software

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