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FD-322 Rapid Fiber Fence Sensor Kit. Economical Fence Intrusion Detection Systems.

The FD322-Rapid Fiber Kit™ is a Perimeter Fence Intrusion Detection System packaged in a kit to facilitate quick and easy installation. Fiber Optic Fence Sensor.



The FD322-Rapid Fiber Kit™ is a Perimeter Fence Intrusion Detection System (fence sensor) packaged in a kit to facilitate quick and easy installation at a very competitive price.

This solution solves many perimeter security problems inherent at commercial, industrial and critical infrastructure facilities using an all-Fiber-Optic Sensor. Kits are available in 100 meter and 200 meter zone configurations.

If you are looking for a SCEC Approved system please follow this link.


The FD322-Rapid Fiber™ fence sensor kits provide complete dual-zone perimeter protection in an easy-to-order and easy-to-install kit! Even first-time users can now deploy the superior qualities of fiber optics.  Unlike copper-based sensors typically found in kitted solutions, the FD322-Rapid Fiber kits include FSI’s advanced fiber-optic sensor that is unaffected by harsh environments, including UV radiation, moisture, salt or even lightning strikes.  Delivered with an FD322 Alarm Processor pre-installed in a 4X NEMA box, tuning software, and pre-terminated robust sensor cable, there is no need for conduit or special tools.  Ideal for commercial and industrial chain link applications.

  • Two fully independent zones – each of which can support up to 500 meters of sensing fiber.
  • Durable fiber-optic sensor is unaffected by chemical or electrical environmental elements such as corrosion, RFI, EMI, and lightning.
  • XML via Ethernet and form C dry relay contacts ensure a high level of integration and communications options
  • The FD322-Rapid Fiber kits come complete with APU installed in a customized NEMA 4X enclosure, mounting hardware, tamper switch, power supply, pre-terminated fiber-optic cable and custom tuning software.
  • Kits are available in 100m and 200m versions.

Applications: Small electrical utilities, cell towers, light industrial, commercial and retail

  • Stand-alone
  • 2 zones
  • 100m/200m version kits (no-insensitive leads)

Ideal for price-sensitive, less-complex sites; online training; metal fence only.

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FD322 Rapid Fiber Kit Fence Sensor Spec Sheet

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