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Bio-LIF Unleashing Enormous Potential of Hyperspectral Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging

Hyperspectral Laser-Induced Fluorescence Imaging

The Bio-LIF system combines Laser-Induced Fluorescence and Hyperspectral Imaging to yield unparalleled spectral resolution of emission data and insight into biological samples.

  • 335 spectral channels for each pixel, enabling straightforward discrimination of shifted or overlapping emissions
  • Automated scan routine with built-in spectral calibration and auto-exposure
  • Tray carrier accepts 90mm Ø dishes or standard 96-well microplates (127mm x 86mm)
  • 25-second scan time for an entire microplate
  • Bio-LIF software (an application-specific version of Resonon’s Spectronon) that includes data acquisition, powerful analysis and visualization capabilities, and the flexibility to write custom user plugins
  • High-resolution hyperspectral LIF  publication-ready data



Photos of Bio-LIF System

Hyperspectral Imaging of Laser-Induced Fluorescence

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 Hyperspectral LIF SYSTEM


Laser Excitation Wavelength (nm)532 (others possible)
Spectral Range (nm)550 - 1000
Spectral Resolution - FWHM (nm)1.9
Image Resolution (pixels)1600 x 2065
Spatial Resolution, Per Pixel (µm)60
Spectral Channels335
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (Peak)255
Dimensions (mm)692 x 470 x 279
Complete System Weight (kg)28.0
Power requirements120 or 240 VAC
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Product Data Sheet

Product Manual

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