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Protech USA PIRAMID Medium Security Outdoor and Indoor Motion Sensors. Proven Professional Dual Technology that really works.

PIRAMID Outdoor motion sensors for medium level security requirements and environmentally difficult applications. Dual Technology really works.



Dual technology volumetric motion sensors

RANGE : Volumetric sensor, 90ft. x 50 ft. (27m x 15m) – 100 ft. x 35ft (30m x 10.5m) – 125ft. x 20ft. (38m x 6m) – 50ft. x 50ft. (15m x 15m)

RELIABILITY : Dual technology motion sensing configured for “And Gate” operation

PERFORMANCE : False-alarm-free performance over a wide variety of applications




is a dual technology volumetric intrusion detection sensor which integrates a unique proprietary microwave design (termed Stereo Doppler) and passive infrared. These two complementary technologies must be activated simultaneously to generate an overall sensor alarm. This is a clear advantage over a simpler PIR motion sensor.

The microwave portion detects the motion of the intruder, whereas the passive infrared portion detects a change in the infrared radiation as an intruder moves through the area.

Advanced signal processing for each of the two technologies enable immunity to randomly moving targets such as vibration, swinging signs and moving vegetation.

Special filtering facilitates exceptional immunity to birds and small animals. PIRAMID outdoor intrusion detection sensors offer reliable volumetric detection (and protection) in the most extreme environmental conditions.

PIRAMID Indoor motion sensor was designed to satisfy high and medium level security requirements as well as those environmentally difficult applications. Utilizing the unique combination of Stereo Doppler Microwave and Passive Infrared in a Dual Technology sensor not only increases stability but also permits greater detection sensitivity.


incorporates advanced signal processing for enhanced bird and animal immunity. These sensors are unique in that they provide reliable outdoor volumetric protection under even the most severe environmental conditions. The XL2 series of PIRAMID is used for strategic areas or assets protection.

PIRAMID XL2 Outdoor (1,3 MB)
PIRAMID XL2 Outdoor A&E Spec (0,1 MB)
PIRAMID XL2 Outdoor Installation Guide (2,5 MB)
PIRAMID XL Series Accessories (0,4 MB)

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The PIRAMID XL2 motion sensors have a very broad application range. For optimum performance it is best to use the PIRAMID XL2 as a volumetric sensor to protect specific assets and strategic areas.

Generally the sensor is not used along a perimeter fence area like an outdoor infrared barrier.

PIRAMID XL2 motion sensors should be used in a controlled fenced area and the applications are unlimited such as lumber yards, car dealerships and rental facilities, auto body shops,

plumbing and maintenance yards, equipment rental yards, private residences, remote satellite sites, greenhouses, public swimming pools, parking garages, military motor pools, prisons, storage facilities or any controlled outdoor area where there is a risk of terrorism, vandalism, sabotage or theft.