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Monarch Pro NIR multispectral camera with 10 bands. Exciting value level.

Discover unparalleled value with the world’s premier NIR multispectral camera – ideal for OEMs, integrators, industrial, and research applications.

10 bands in 680nm to 940nm spectral range.




Key Advantages

Selectable Wavelength Flexibility

Expansive Field of View

USB3 Plug & Play

Crisp 1.3 MP Resolution

Robust, Compact & Energy-Efficient

Intuitive Win/Linux Software & SDKs

The Unispectral Monarch Pro NIR multispectral camera is a groundbreaking advancement in the field of spectral imaging, offering an unprecedented combination of user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. This innovative solution eliminates the need for complex, fragile equipment that requires specialized operation and lacks contextual awareness.

The Monarch Pro’s unparalleled affordability and simplicity remove obstacles, facilitating widespread utilization across a variety of applications and mass-market platforms. It opens up a world of opportunities in diverse industries, marking a significant leap forward in spectral imaging technology.

Monarch Pro redefines the value of spectral imaging, offering an unparalleled blend of affordability and performance. It stands as the perfect solution for industrial, laboratory, and budget-conscious users who demand high-quality spectral cameras without a hefty price tag. Meticulously refined through extensive field tests, proof-of-concept studies, and commercial feedback, the Monarch Pro delivers seamless integration into your workflow with its intuitive software and user interface—ready to go, straight out of the box.

Research & Data Collection

Monarch Pro, a user-friendly and compact NIR multispectral camera, is perfectly tailored for efficient data collection and insightful research. It swiftly captures a range of spectral bands at video frequency, facilitating a convenient viewfinder for quick orientation. The wavelength flexibility optimizes capture times and conserves memory, ideal for amassing large databases. The user-friendly application promotes ‘plug and play’ functionality, straightforward connectivity, and simplicity for operators of all skill levels. With Python and C SDKs, Monarch Pro accelerates the development of models and applications, ensuring a swift path to market-ready solutions.

Visual Inspection & Indoor Deployment

Monarch Pro is a cutting-edge NIR hyperspectral camera that revolutionizes visual inspection with its high-resolution imaging and tunable MEMS Fabry-Perot technology. Its flexibility in wavelength selection allows for precise targeting of specific spectral features, enhancing the detection of subtle variations that other cameras might miss. With a wide field of view, Monarch Pro captures extensive areas in a single shot, reducing inspection times and increasing throughput. The comprehensive SDK and USB3 connectivity facilitate seamless integration into existing QA systems, enabling rapid deployment and ease of use. By leveraging Monarch Pro’s advanced capabilities, businesses can significantly boost their visual QA performance, ensuring superior product quality and consistency.


Embedded/fixed applications

Monarch Pro is expertly designed for versatility, making it the ideal choice for integration with robots, agricultural tools, or fixed installations in greenhouses and vertical farms. Its rugged construction ensures durability, while the comprehensive APIs and SDKs offer extensive customization options. The camera’s straightforward interface allows for effortless data collection, which can be subsequently analyzed and modeled for insightful decision-making. Engineered to withstand real-world challenges, Monarch Pro thrives amidst vibrations, shocks, humidity, and a variety of environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance in any scenario.
Monarch Pro NIR multispectral camera with 10 bands. Exciting value level. Monarch Pro NIR multispectral camera with 10 bands. Exciting value level.


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