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Protech USA Motion Sensor Ladders, Towers and Direction Control. Proven Dual Technology.

PIRAMID LT is an outdoor Dual Technology motion sensor ladders and towers for reliable protection. Dual Technology.




PIRAMID LT is an outdoor Dual Technology motion sensor ladders and towers.



is a dual technology volumetric intrusion sensor which integrates a proprietary microwave design (termed Stereo Doppler) and passive infrared. These two complementary technologies must be activated simultaneously to generate a sensor alarm.

Advanced signal processing for each of the two technologies provide immunity to randomly moving targets such as vibration, moving vegetation and temperature variations. Special filtering enables exceptional immunity to birds and small animals.

The high-frequency antenna comprises a 24 GHz frequency transmitter (in K band) and a receiver with Doppler effect which detects signal variations caused by the passage of an object in the zone. To trigger an alarm, both two technologies must detect an intrusion.



features PROTECH’s proprietary Stereo Doppler Microwave Technology combined with Passive Infrared. The sensor is configured so that both technologies must activate simultaneously for a sensor alarm.

PIRAMID LT intrusion sensor ladders and towers is equipped with a three–position Direction Control Switch that selects the direction of movement required for a sensor alarm.

Piramid LT motion sensor ladders and towers

For protecting ladders and towers the PIRAMID LT motion sensor ladders and towers is generally mounted at the top of the structure looking downward.

The Direction Control Versions of the PIRAMID XL offer a field adjustable switch to control the detection of a target based on the direction of movement.


A three–position digital switch allows the sensor to be set to detect: only approaching targets, only receding targets or both approaching and receding targets.

The detection parameters are set up to detect pedestrians and intruders rather than vehicles.


  • Stereo Doppler Microwave Sensor: Two receiving channels with the ability to eliminate vibration and periodically moving objects as sources of false alarms.
  • Dual Element Infrared Sensor: Ignores normal temperature variations yet is very responsive to rapid infrared changes created by an intruder.
  • Microprocessor Controlled: Proprietary integrated circuit design provides enhanced digital signal processing for both microwave and passive infrared technologies.

Dual technology sensor with direction control

RANGE : Direction control switch allows for (3) detection modes: Approach (detects only approaching targets), Recede (detects only receding targets) or Both (detects both approaching and receding targets)

RELIABILITY : Dual technology configured so that both technologies must activate simultaneously for an overall sensor alarm. Rugged, weather-proof housing protects against extreme environmental elements

PERFORMANCE : False-alarm-free performance over a wide variety of applications




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