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P200 Compact Thermal Camera

InfiRay P200 Compact Thermal Camera is an ultra-modern thermography tool featuring rotatory lens to provide accurate and intelligent temperature measurement. It is named after the star in the northern circumpolar constellation of Ursa Major – “Megrez”.

The unique gravity-sensing UI, rotating menu, and 56° large FOV can satisfy the requirements in special spaces. The 256×192 resolution, 3.5-inch touch screen, and 16G internal memory produce smooth intelligent experiences. Benefiting from the self-developed user-friendly InfiRay temperature measurement analysis software, P200 makes infrared data analysis easy and efficient. It can be connected to the cloud through Wi-Fi to achieve real-time data sharing among multiple devices. It also supports real-time image analysis through USB and settable alarm threshold and multi-area flexible alarm on one screen. P200 has become the right-hand assistant for operation and maintenance engineers, HVAC engineers, and equipment inspectors.


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Features of P200 Compact Thermal Camera

1.Rotate: The Vision is Up to You

Free rotating of 90°, for more possibilities

There is no need for user to adapt to the position and angle of the target. With P200 0-90° rotary lens, temperature measurement and inspection have never been so easy and convenient.The gravity-sensing UI can be switched between horizontal and vertical measurement at will. The rotating menu and 56°large FOV are also optimized for wider and taller targets.

2.Accurate Enough: More Precise and Powerful

One Step Faster to Become the Leader

P200 is embedded with InfiRay self-developed high-sensitivity VOx infrared detector with 256×192 resolution and ≤ 0.04°C. It can provide extraordinary high-definition thermal images with amazing details, higher temperature accuracy, and better troubleshooting. The frame rate of 25Hz makes imaging more smooth. Everything seems more real. 

  • 256×192 Resolution, Clear and Accurate 

The resolution of 256×192 reveals more temperature details. The temperature resolution of 0.04°C brings high definition. The measurement range up to 550°C satisfies the requirements of high-temperature targets.

  • One-Hand Operation 

Put the overall situation in your hand. P200 is portable, pick-and-play, and reliable, to improve efficiency continuously.

  • 2,000,000-pixle Visible Light at the Same Time

Infrared module for temperature measurement and daylight module for positioning, with fusion and PIP mode to help fast defect locating and improve inspection efficiency.

  • 56° Large FOV, Efficiently Measurement

Cover ultra-wide area in a glance, providing multiplied inspection efficiency.

3.Smart enough: Built-in InfiRay Cloud Ecosystem

Benefit Beyond the Screen

  • Accessing InfiRay Cloud Services through Wi-Fi, Multiple Devices Sharing Data

Collect data here and analyze on the cloud, “once and for all”

  • Professional Software and Temperature Analysis

InfiRay self-developed user-friendly temperature measurement analysis software displays the temperature of points, lines, and areas directly.

  • Portable or Fixed? Meet more monitoring and analysis requirement

Support USB plug-and-play analysis, flexible alarm threshold setting, and multi-area real-time alarm on one screen

Applications of P200 Compact Thermal Camera

P200 Compact Thermal Camera


DetectorFocal plane array/Spectral rangeUncooled FPA microbolometer (VOx)/8-14µm
Pixel pitch12 µm
Imaging and optical dataInfrared resolution256×192 pixels
NETD≤0.04℃@30℃ (≤40mk)
Focal length3.2mm
Spatial resolution/IFOV3.75mrad
f number1.1
Image frequency25Hz
Digital zoom2x, 4x
Image presentationResolution1920×1080 pixels, CMOS
Visual camera 2 Megapixels
Screen 3.5 inch touch screen, 960×640
Color palette7 color palettes(white hot   black hot   iron   lava   rainbow   rainbowHC   RdGy)
Image modeIR/Visual/PIP/Fusion
Fill-in LEDavailable
Measurement analysisTemperature Range20℃- +550℃
Accuracy±2℃ or ±2% (of reading, whichever is greater )
Measurement modeCentral spot (for full frame), hot spot, cold spot
Spotmeter10 in live mode
Line10 in live mode
Area10 in live mode
Automatic hot/cold detectionAutomatic maximum/minimum markers within area
Temperature alarmFull frame high/low temperature alarm
Alarm modeImage alarm
Auto/timed photographSupport auto photograph when trigger alarm and timed photograph, photo numbers and time interval can be set
Video streamingReal-time radiometric infrared-video streaming over UVC
SettingsData/time,℃/℉/K,language (12, English/Russian/Polish/German/French/Korean/Portuguese/Spanish/Hungarian/Italian/Turkish/Traditional_Chinese)
Emissivity correctionVariable from 0.01 to 1.0(increment: 0.01)
Atmospheric transmissivity adjustmentObject distance setting (0.5-4m, step size 0.25m);Ambient temperature(adjustable, ‒10℃~+50℃, step size 1℃)
StorageMemory cardBuilt-in 16G Micro SD card
File format – thermalJPG,with original temperature data
File format – visualJPG, without temperature data
Image namingSupport automatic naming/text input/naming through QR code scanning
Voice annotationvoice recording (unlimited time),stored with images(microphone built-in)
Text annotationavailable
Power supplyInterfaceUSB Type C direct-charging
Battery Operation timeAbout 6 hours continuous operation
Charging timeAbout 3 hours
Power managementAuto shut-down (5 min, 10 min, 20 min)
EnvironmentWorking temp.-10℃-+50℃
Storage temp.-20℃~+70℃
EncapsulationIP54(IEC 60529)
Drop resistance2m
Dimension & weightWeight210g
InterfacePower inputDC 5V
AccessoriesStrap, portable bag, USB cable, user manual

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