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Low cost latest Monarch II PCB Multispectral Camera Module. 690 – 923 nm. 10 bands

Monarch PCB – the world’s first portable PCB multispectral camera module for integration in personal, industrial, scientific, and commercial devices.



The Monarch™ PCB multispectral camera module

allows you to build and brand your own multispectral camera. You can also embed it in your device/machine/robot. It features the same performance, specifications and characteristics as the Mobile Monarch II Camera. The camera’s control, data transfer and power supply are provided via a single USB port.

Monarch PCB captures multispectral images easily and inexpensively, anywhere and anytime. It opens a wide array of new applications for any market segment.

Unispectral’s tuneable NIR solutions provide an additional layer of actionable information by capturing multiple spectral images in near-IR bands for immediate inspection, detection and classification applications. The Monarch small and light PCB multispectral camera module captures and immediately outputs multiple single-band spectral-cube high-resolution images within 680nm-940nm spectral range. Its affordability and simplicity remove the barrier to wide adoption in many applications and mass-market platforms.

Monarch PCB multispectral camera module is the second generation of the ColorIR™ NIR camera. It consists of the Unispectral tunable Fabry–Pérot filter (μFPF), integrated with a miniature IR camera module – optics, image sensors and controllers – all mounted on a 60x40x14.5mm PCB, ready to install in any mobile or static design.

PCB multispectral camera module

PDF Brochure Monarch

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Product Data Sheet

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EFL4.98 mm
Sensor Resolution1280 x 1024
Spectral Bands per Second20 BPS
Preview Mode60 FPS
GainX1 ÷ x10
Exposure Time1 ÷ 500 ms
ColorIR Filter:
FWHM40 ± 10 nm
Spectral Response688-938nm T>50%
Spectral Band Range705-920nm ± 5nm
Angular dependency [nm/deg]-1.1nm/deg Average
Input Voltage5 Vdc
Power Consumptionpreview mode <0.5W
max < 0.85W
Operating Temperature0-70C
Optional add-ons and accessoriesCable mount
Mobile Magnet
InterfaceUSB- C
Working modes60 FPSSingle frame / Spectral cube
Android deviceProvided DLL and API for embedded applications
Windows PCProvided DLL and API for embedded applications