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Pika IR-L+ New Light Weight High Precision Infrared Hyperspectral Imager 925 – 1700 nm Finally Here!


Introducing the Pika IR-L+, the latest addition to our lineup of high precision infrared hyperspectral imagers. With its new lightweight design and enhanced sensitivity range of 925 – 1700 nm, it sets a new standard in advanced imaging technology.

The Pika IR-L+ Lightweight, High-Precision Infrared Hyperspectral Imager
SWIR band 925 – 1700 nm. Excellent choice for Airborne applications



Pika IR-L+ Hyperspectral Camera

Pika IR-L+
925 – 1700 nm Lightweight, High-Precision Infrared Hyperspectral Imager

The Pika IR-L+ hyperspectral imager is a high spatial and spectral resolution Near-Infrared (925-1,700 nm) hyperspectral camera in a lightweight, compact format. It is well suited for field research, yet compatible with all imaging platforms (airborne, benchtop, or outdoor).

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For a compact, lightweight Visible light spectral range option 400 – 1000nm, please see the Pika L.
For higher imaging speeds in 925-1700nm spectral range, please see the Pika IR-L.

What is hyperspectral imaging?

Hyperspectral imaging yields more accurate color and
material identification by providing far more detailed information for each pixel as compared to
conventional imaging such as a color camera. In contrast to a color camera that has only three
channels, the light signal is divided into many tens to hundreds of bands or channels. As
discussed below, this additional resolution improves machine vision accuracy, often

Hyperspectral imaging sounds like something new, but it is really just a logical extension of
conventional spectroscopy. A spectrometer spreads a light beam into a continuous band of
“colors.” This can be done with a prism, for example. 

The bands of colors taken together is
referred to as a spectrum of the light beam, and the study or use of light spectra is called
spectroscopy. A hyperspectral imager acts like hundreds of spectrometers in parallel, which
provides a spectral curve for each pixel in a scene.

Videos for Pika IR-L+ Hyperspectral Imager

Introduction to Resonon’s Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras


Spectral Range (nm)925 – 1700
Spectral Channels470
Spectral Bandwidth (nm)1.7
Spectral Resolution – FWHM (nm)3.8
Spatial Pixels640
Max Frame Rate (fps)176
Dimensions (mm)210 x 68 x 63
Weight, w/o lens (kg)1.01

Download Pika IR-L+ Data Sheet

Objective Lenses for Pika IR-L+ Hyperspectral Imager

Focal Length (mm)FOV (deg)IFOV (mrad)