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Pika IR-L New Faster and Lighter Infrared Hyperspectral Imager 925 – 1700 nm


Pika IR-L is a state-of-the-art infrared hyperspectral imager, designed for enhanced performance and efficiency. With its advanced technology, the Pika IR-L offers a broader spectral range of 925 – 1700 nm, providing unprecedented imaging capabilities. This new model is not only faster but also lighter, making it an ideal choice for various scientific and industrial applications demanding high-quality infrared hyperspectral imaging.

The Pika IR-L is a lightweight and compact  (925-1,700 nm) fast infrared hyperspectral imager well suited for airborne applications.



Pika IR-L

925 – 1700 nm

Lightweight Infrared hyperspectral technology. This camera was designed for airborne applications, allows fast data acquisition with high spectral resolution.

For airborne infrared hyperspectral imager with high spatial resolution click here: Pika IR-L+

Pika IR-L is commonly used in the Resonon Airborne System.

A commonly used equivalent for Benchtop or conveyor belt applications is Resonon Pika IR.


Spectral Range (nm)925 – 1700
Spectral Channels236
Spectral Bandwidth (nm)3.3
Spectral Resolution – FWHM (nm)5.9
Spatial Pixels320
Max Frame Rate (fps)364
Dimensions (mm)210 x 68 x 63
Weight, w/o lens (kg)1.01


Objective Lenses for Pika IR-L

Focal Length (mm)FOV (deg)IFOV (mrad)