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RAD Motorized Target Wheel


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RAD Systems are used for accurate positioning and replacement of optical targets at the collimator focal plane or in direct view of the imaging system.

As one of the basic building blocks in E-O testing for imaging applications, CI Systems’ RAD System offer a wide spectrum of models that accommodate various numbers of targets
illuminated by various sources.

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RAD Motorized Target Wheel RAD_Motorized Target Wheel Brochure (1049KB)

  • RAD Systems are painted with high emissivity coating.
  • Shield Cover included
  • High Accuracy positioning
  • RAD systems are easily integrated with large variety of radiation sources offered by CI-Systems, including sources in the IR, visible and SWIR wavebands. Their controllers offer various communication options.Their controllers offer various communication options.
  • High accuracy targets available for testing in the IR/VIS/SWIR ranges.
Model:Number of target plates in motorized wheelTarget plate Diameter (maximum size)Target plate Diameter (maximum size)
RAD-8/2Dx822mm2” emitter size
RAD-6/4Dx6100mm4” emitter size
RAD-6/7Dx6100mm7” emitter size
RAD-12/4Dx1250mm4” emitter size
RAD-12/7Dx1250mm7” emitter size

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