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Protech USA. SCEC Approved Motion Sensors. SEEPL Included. High Security Applications

High Security versions of PIRAMID XL Outdoor and Indoor SCEC approved motion sensors offer enhanced detection capability. SEEPL included.



SCEC Approved Motion Sensors (SEEPL) Dual technology sensors for high security applications

Approved by the USAF for Protection Level 1 Nuclear & Below

RANGE : Volumetric sensor, 50ft. x 50 ft. (15m x 15m), 100ft. x 10ft. (30m x 3m)

RELIABILITY : Dual technology sensing configured for “And Gate” operation

PERFORMANCE : False-alarm-free performance over a wide variety of applications


SCEC approved motion sensorThe high security versions of the PIRAMID (MIL & HS Versions) offer enhanced detection capability for slow moving, fast moving and crawling intruders.

Both PIRAMID XL-MIL and XL-HS combine PROTECH’s proprietary “Stereo Doppler” microwave technology with a dual element passive infrared sensor. The independent sensor modules are “And Gated” and must activate simultaneously to create an overall sensor alarm.

The PIRAMID XL-HS sensor has an “anti-masking” snout (an installed satellite PCB) to prevent attempts to mask any portion of the sensor (Passive Infrared or Microwave). If either of these sensors are blocked, the sensor will lock itself into a constant alarm condition until masking is removed.

SCEC Approved motion sensors High Security versions of PIRAMID XL Outdoor and Indoor motions sensors offer enhanced detection capability. The detection parameters are already to enable these sensors to offer greater overall detection capability for slow moving, fast moving and crawling intruders.

The PIRAMID XL high security version sensors are manufactured using PROTECH’s proprietary Stereo Doppler Microwave Technology combined with Passive Infrared Sensor which provide unique False–Alarm–Free performance.

PROTECH’s sensors are extremely flexible and cost effective. Weather is not a factor for them! They will detect large objects at far distance.

PIRAMID XL sensors are absolutely reliable in a broad range of applications in conjunction with perimeter security: specific assets, strategic areas, water utilities, wastewater treatment plants, bridges, railroads and subway, dams, rooftops, fenced areas, etc.


PIRAMID XL-MIL SCEC Approved motion sensors can be used in various high security applications such as military bases, correctional facilities and nuclear power plants where the highest level of security is required. The PIRAMID XL-MIL offers a very high POD (probability of detection) of greater than 0.95 yet, provides a very low NAR/FAR (Nuisance Alarm Rate/False Alarm Rate).

  • Stereo Doppler Microwave Sensor: Two receiving channels with the ability to eliminate vibration and periodically moving objects as sources of false alarms.
  • Dual Element Infrared Sensor: Ignores normal temperature variations yet is very responsive to rapid 
movement by an intruder.
  • Microprocessor controlled: Proprietary integrated circuit design provides enhanced digital signal processing for both microwave and passive infrared technologies.
  • Balanced Temperature Compensation: Stereo Doppler Microwave and Passive Infrared portions automatically adjust detection parameters to compensate for losses in range that occur at elevated temperatures.
  • Stereo Doppler Supervision: A component failure will cause the sensor to lock-in alarm.
  • Digital Range Control: Ten-position digital switch adjusts how far the sensor detects (to its maximum range).
  • Digital Sensitivity Control: Ten-position digital switch adjusts the amount of movement required to initiate an alarm condition.
  • Master Alarm LEDs: Displayed on the face of the unit indicating the alarm relay status.
  • Analytic LEDs: Alarm and environmental caution LEDs for both technologies are displayed on the face of the sensor. An internal switch can disable both Master and Analytic LEDs.
  • Walk-Test Minisounder: Audible tester to assist in walk-test and initial sensor set-up. The walk test XL-minisounder greatly simplifies the installation as it enables walk-testing and adjustment by a single installer.
  • Swivel Mounting: 180 degree Horizontal Adjustment 90 degree Vertical Adjustment.
  • Tamper Proof: Tamper switch with terminal connection.
  • All Solid State Relay: User selectable form C relay output. A solid state relay is flexible, silent and more reliable than an electromechanical relay.


PIRAMID XL MIL and HS Outdoor Sensors (689KB)
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