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Spectra Vista Accessories

SVC accessories use the same design principle as our instruments, deliver high-quality light to the best sensors in the industry.


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Each SVC accessory is designed so the user can easily get to the target sample and be sure that all the environmental factors are accounted for to get the best data possible.

Spectra Vista Accessories

LC-RP Pro:

Enable spectral measurements of various targets using artificial illumination provided by an internal tungsten halogen lamp. The LC-RP Pro includes a built-in white reference with a cover to keep it clean in the field and a dark reference to block any light transmitting through the sample during data collection. This ensures you always get the highest-quality, repeatable measurements possible.

Spectra Vista Accessories


The SVC WEDI, Wireless External Data Interface, allows you to connect up to four external sensors including the integral PAR sensor so you can continuously monitor the conditions you are working in.

Spectra Vista Accessories


SVC offers two different models of spheres, the Full Sky Irradiance Sphere and the Reflectance Transmission Sphere

Spectra Vista Accessories

Fiber Optics:

Designed to repeatably maximize the amount of light collected. SVC uses the highest-quality components with the minimum amount of interfaces to make a pure light path. And our connectors align with the instrument in the same position each time they are used ensuring a repeatable measurement every time.

Spectra Vista Accessories

Reference Panels:

SVC offers a wide array of reference panels made to be used in the field or the lab.

Spectra Vista Accessories

Field Accessories:

Backpacks, monopod, tripods, and more. Everything you need to maximize you collection time in the field.

Spectra Vista Accessories

Laboratory Accessories:

SVC products work equally as well in the laboratory.
Spectra Vista Accessories

Underwater Accessories:

When you need to protect your SVC instrument for underwater measurements.
Spectra Vista Accessories

Computers & PDAs:

Rugged Panasonic Toughbook computers and Android PDAs to give you the maximum amount of flexibility and control in the field.
Spectra Vista Accessories

Android Software:

The SVCScan Android App allows the operator to wirelessly control Spectra Vista i-Series Field Portable Spectroradiometers.

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