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Visible Radiation Sources


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CI Systems provides Visible Radiation sources tailored to meet the customer’s needs. CI Systems has a source to meet your budget and needs. High uniformity and wide dynamic range sources, such as the Integrating sphere, or standard White LED Backlights or Halogen based Backlights. These sources come with different accessories and can be either manually or remotely controlled by CI Systems’ tester software via a computer.
Visible Radiation Sources

Integrating Sphere

CI Systems offers a cost effective highly uniform integrating spheres for the VIS-SWIR wavelength range. The system provides uniform radiance for testing of cameras that operate in a wide spectral range.

Now offering three standard sizes: 1”,2” and 4” output port diameters. Using a highly reflective internal coating the system is able to produce uniformity of over 98% at its output port.

A continuous variable output is achieved using an high resolution motorized attenuator. Increased dynamic range can be achieved using optional neutral density filters. Using a variety of light sources the system can be adapted to provide higher Luminance intensities and a wider dynamic range.


SR300N Series (961KB)

Visible Radiation Sources

Visible Backlight

CI Systems’ offers Visible Backlight sources in a wide range of sizes. Backlights offer a high uniformity at a low cost. Manual or remote operation of light intensity is available.


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