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Xenics new Wildcat+ Vis-SWIR Camera 1280 x 1024, 400 – 1700 nm upgraded resolution

High-resolution, megapixel Vis-SWIR camera

The Wildcat+ 1280 series is based upon a state-of-the-art InGaAs photodiode array with 1280×1024 pixels and 5 μm pixel pitch.



Wildcat + Vis-SWIR Camera with 1280 x 1024 detector

The camera offers superior, high-resolution Vis-SWIR imaging capabilities, comes in a versatile and industry-proven Wildcat camera package (GenICam compliant) and offers advanced on-board image processing.

The Wildcat+ 1280 Vis-SWIR infrared camera outputs full frame images at 120 Hz via either a CameraLink or USB3 Vision interface.

The Wildcat+ 1280 Vis-SWIR infrared camera is suitable for semiconductor inspection, display inspection (mobile phone and TV), microscopy and laser beam analysis.

vis-swir infrared camera wildcat + 1280Benefits & Features

• Compact and industry-proven camera design
• High-resolution SWIR imaging
• Advanced on-board image processing performance
• GenlCam compliant
• Flexible optical mount and lens options

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Mechanical Specifications
Wildcat+ 1280 CLWildcat+ 1280 U3V
Approximate dimensions – excluding lens [width x height x length] [mm]55 x 55 x 7255 x 55 x 91.5
Weight [gr] – excluding lens345385
Optical interfaceC-mount or M42C-mount or M42
Connector USBUSB 3.0 type micro-B
Connector CameraLinkStandard SDR
Connector power/trigger/serial commandLemo 1B.310 (unified connector)Lemo 1B.310 (unified connector)
Environmental & Power Specifications
Wildcat+ 1280 CLWildcat+ 1280 U3V
Operating case temperature [°C]From -40 to +70From -40 to +70
Storage temperature [°C]From -40 to +85From -40 to +85
Power consumption [W]<7<7
Power supply voltageDC 12 VDC 12 V
Shock40 g, 11 ms, according to MIL-STD810G40 g, 11 ms, according to MIL-STD810G
Vibration5 g [20 to 2000 Hz], according to MIL-STD810G5 g [20 to 2000 Hz], according to MIL-STD810G
IP ratingIP40IP40
Regulatory complianceCECE
Electro-Optical Specifications
Wildcat+ 1280 CLWildcat+ 1280 U3V
Image format [pixels]1280 x 10241280 x 1024
Pixel pitch [µm]55
Detector typeInGaAs photodiode array with ROICInGaAs photodiode array with ROIC
Sensor temperature stabilizationTE coolerTE cooler
Integration typeSnapshot – global shutterSnapshot – global shutter
Active area and diagonal [mm]6.4 x 5.12 [diagonal 8.2]6.4 x 5.12 [diagonal 8.2]
Optical fill factor100%100%
Spectral range [nm]400 – 1700400 – 1700
Quantum efficiency~77% [typical peak value]~77% [typical peak value]
Gain modesSingle GainSingle Gain
Full well capacities [electrons]160k160k
Read noise [electrons]200200
Dark current [electrons/second]<3k<3k
Read out modeIWR [< 7.5 ms] & ITRIWR [< 7.5 ms] & ITR
Pixel operability>99.5%>99.5%
Preconfigured exposure time range [ms]0.5 ms & 5 ms & 7.5 ms0.5 ms & 5 ms & 7.5 ms
Max frame rate [Hz] [full frame]120120
Region of interestYesYes
Min region size [pixels]4 x 8 [step size 4 pixels in X & 8 pixels in Y]4 x 8 [step size 4 pixels in X & 8 pixels in Y]
Max frame rate [Hz] [min region size]>3 kHz>3 kHz
Command and controlCameraLink BaseUSB 3 Vision
Digital output formatCameraLink Base (16 bit)USB 3 Vision (16 bit)
Trigger2 trigger in & 2 trigger out – LVCMOS 3.3 V2 trigger in & 2 trigger out – LVCMOS 3.3 V CameraLink trigger in
Our standard IR software, Xeneth, is included with this camera.
Our cameras are compatible with a wide variety of lenses.
We do not manufacture our own lenses, but instead offer a variety of third-party lenses that can be purchased directly from us. We guarantee compatibility for any lenses purchased directly from Xenics.
Frame Grabbers
The Xenics product range includes several products that require a frame grabber card to connect the camera to a PC.
The Euresys GRABLINK full, Imperx VCE-CLEX01 and National Instruments PCIe-1433 frame grabbers are fully integrated in Xeneth and the Xeneth SDK. This means that you can use Xeneth software both to control the camera and to grab images making abstraction of the proprietary frame grabber software.

Other frame grabbers properly integrating the CameraLink and GigE Vision protocol can be used in Xeneth and the Xeneth SDK, however only for command and control of the camera. To grab images you rely on the dedicated software provided by the frame grabber vendors.

Cables & Power Supplies
Xenics develops flexible and modular cameras resulting in a wide variety of camera interfaces. All these interfaces require unique cabling which we keep in stock. Next to interface cables we also offer separate power supplies.

Xenics ships its Vis-SWIR infrared cameras all over the world in high-grade custom cases. As our infrared cameras have different sizes, we have several case-types in stock guaranteeing a tight fit. The cases are made of polypropylene which make them very sturdy. They are dustproof, watertight, stackable and can cope with temperatures between -40 °C and 80 °C. In addition they are equipped with an automatic air pressure compensation valve allowing us to ship the cameras all over the globe.
Most of our infrared cameras come with a standard hardshell case upon purchasing.

A filter can be fitted in the C-mount lens adapter of most Xenics cameras. The following Xenics Vis-SWIR infrared cameras have a standard filter holder in the C-mount adapter (only one filter can be mounted and filter has to be 25.4 mm in diameter):

  1. Bobcat 320 and 640
  2. Cheetah 640 CL
  3. Xeva 320 (exceptions: Xeva 2.35)
  4. Lynx

In order to lock the filter in the c-mount adapter, the following filter retainer ring has to be ordered from Xenics, part number: MEC-000614
For a list of suitable filters, please directly contact the filter supplier, Spectrogon, for filter purchases. Please check camera and filter documentation for compatible wavelength ranges.

Part numberDescription
XEN-000814Wildcat+ 1280 CL
XEN-000815Wildcat+ 1280 U3V
Machine Vision
Safety & Security
Scientific & Advanced Research
Process Monitoring