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Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile

ThermoInspector Mobile is automatic inspection system for thermal monitoring, analysing and evaluation. It can be used for all welding, heating, cooling, soldering and other thermal processes in plastic, metal, biological, chemical and another manufacturing industry. The ThermoInspector Mobile can measure, record and evaluate thermal information in real time and cooperate with existing machine control systems and PLCs.


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One thermal camera for all of your needs

Temperature measurement is the second most common measurement in industry today. WIC thermal cameras are already enabling contact-free temperature measurement in hundreds of different applications around the world.

Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile

Laser Welding

Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile


Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile


Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile

Windscreen heating

Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile


for example

Temperature measurement is the second most common measurement in industry today. WIC thermal cameras are already enabling contact-free temperature measurement in hundreds of different applications around the world.

System composition

ThermoInspector Mobile consists a Central Controller unit that supports up to 4 thermal cameras. All infrared cameras use highly sensitive infrared sensors (better than 0.03 °C) and measure within a temperature range of up to +1 500 °C (2 732 °F). Due to these extraordinary properties, it can continuously measure and evaluate thermal fields on the measured product surface whether it is plastic, metal or biological material.
Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile
Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile

non destructive testing (NDT)

The system can non destructive test and consequently check the thermal characteristics such as thermal gradients, maximum or minimum temperature as well as evaluate the dispersion of the temperature along the thermal cut, check the speed of the increasing temperature in the selected area. Each ThermoInspector Mobile package supports multi-camera radiometric streaming, camera control, communication with PLC and various measurement tools. Customers can choose from different types of camera resolutions: 640×512 px or 336×256 px and different type of lenses.

Key features

  • Complete machine infrared vision package
  • Resolutions 640 px and 336 px
  • Various lenses for each resolution
  • Real-time measurement up to 60 Hz
  • Plug and Play installation and easy setup with PLC
  • Full touchscreen operator visualization and control
  • Graphs, tables, OK/NOK indicators and statistics
  • 8x digital inputs and outputs, 4x Ethernet ports
  • Power over Ethernet cabling and 24VDC supply
  • High IP65 camera and transport case protection
  • Temperature range up to 1 500 °C (2 732 °F)
  • NDT – non destructive testing
Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile
Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile

All-in-One package

  • Hard transport case on wheels
  • Easy access to all Ethernet ports
  • Touchscreen with IP65 protection
  • Admin and user profiles
  • Digital IO integrated
  • Simultaneous 4 camera control
  • Various measurement tools
  • Testing and analyzing mode for production evaluation
  • Direct access to recorded files

Real-time Image

ThermoInspector Mobile automatically detects all infrared cameras. Customer can setup different types of color palettes, isotherms, manual temperature span or change camera temperature range. Intuitive graphical interface check user configuration and system integrity. Operator can place different types of measurement tools (line, point, rectangular, circle, etc.) and check real-time data streaming and values.
Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile

Graphical evaluation

Workswell ThermoInspector Mobile can display during inspection processes all necessary data and information that are needed directly on the screen. From real-time radiometric streaming (up to 4 cameras) including set analysis for each ROI (area of interest) to time charts, temperature profiles and numerical indicators that inform an operator.
Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile

Alarm and Rule settings

In manufacturing processes, an operator must be able to set different analysis to cover various industrial applications. The ThermoInspector Mobile offers many measurement tools with local settable emissivity and also, the operator can define statistical markers such as Maximum, Minimum, Average, Deviation and Median etc. When the set condition is broken, the system displays alarm and send digital output to PLC.
Workswell Thermoinspector Mobile


Technical information & documents


EN, 1.9 MB, v210204

System overview
Central controll unitsCamera ports: 4 x Gigabit PoE Ethernet, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet for PLC
Digital Inputs: 4 x isolated (24 VDC compatible) inputs
Digital Outputs: 5 x open collector outputs
Power supply: 12-36VDC
USB ports: 2 x USB3 super speed ports for data uploading
Embedded operating system optimized for multi-camera connection
Central unit TouchscreenYes, all settings directly via touchscreen
Thermal camerasUp to 4 connected WIC cameras per one central unit, 2 different available resolutions: 640 x 512 pixels and 336 x 256 pixels with various field of view.

Lenses: Interchangeable and focusable, various field of view (FOV calculator)
Framerate up to 60Hz
Temperature ranges:
-25 °C to +150 °C (-13 °F to 302 °F)
-40 °C °C to +550 °C (-40 °F to 1 022 °F)
optional temperature range +400 – 1 500 °C (752 °F to 2 732 °F)

Accuracy: ±2% or ±2°C
Temperature sensitivity: ≤0.03°C (30mK) @ 30°C
Cables and adaptersDigital input and output cable glands prepared directly in transport case
Ethernet cable for every delivered camera
Power supply adapter for 230VAC
Content of deliveryPackage: Hard transport case, Touchscreen Panel Controller (IR Software included, LCD), Cables (DIO 1m, UTP 10m, DIO board)
Power supply
Controller Supply Input12-36 VDC or 230 VAC
Camera Supply inputIntegrated in the control unit, Power over Ethernet supplying
Power dissipation150 – 200 W

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