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Workswell TIS 640

FireTruck-Mounted Infrared System

The TIS 640 is a Truck Infrared System specially designed to enhance firefighting operations. The entire system is based on a highly sensitive thermal imaging camera, which can be remotely controlled from both the cabin of the vehicle and the ground via a user-friendly application. The TIS 640’s PTZ system motors make it a versatile instrument in the heat of a fire.


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Thermal imaging & digital cameras

The TIS 640 system consists of two unique cameras: a thermal imaging camera that scans and maps environments within the infrared spectrum, and a standard digital camera that delivers images in the visible spectrum. This makes it easy for firefighters to compare simultaneous feeds and plan their approaches accordingly.

The system is ensconced in a protective casing designed for rough conditions. These durable packages secure a high degree of IP67 protection, delivering a dustproof and watertight instrument. In fact, the TIS 640 is water resistant for 30 minutes at up to one meter. Moreover, the casing is specially designed to provide proper heat permeability throughout the thermal imaging camera.

The TIS 640 is heat resistant from -20° C to +60° C, ensuring both high temperature stability and exceptional measurement accuracy. Its protective window is made of germanium, which has been proven to enhance the function of LWIR thermal imaging cameras. 

Workswell TIS 640
Workswell TIS 640

Pre-set modes

The TIS 640 system offers a suite of pre-set modes that operators can easily reset and edit over the lifetime of their unit. These modes are designed to set-up live transmissions from the thermal imaging camera, and to modify screen presentations. Operators add and remove these settings through the use of only two buttons.

The system’s camera modes enable both automatic and manual temperature range setting. If operators want to set the temperature range manually, they can input their own minimum and maximum temperatures. The TIS 640 also features applied color palettes for thermal images, alarm (isothermal) activation/deactivation, and the color highlighting of imaged temperatures.


The entire system is powered by a 24 V-30 V DC power supply.

package contents

  • Thermal imaging camera and visible spectrum camera within a protective housing
  • PTZ motor with a control unit
  • Industrial control PC
  • Touchscreen
Workswell TIS 640


Technical information & documents

Thermal imaging cameraTruck Infrared System
Resolution640 x 512 pixels
Temperature ranges0°C to +250°C (32 °F to +482 °F)
 50°C to +1000°C (122 °F to +1832 °F)
Temperature sensitivity50mK (0.05°C, 0.09 °F)
Accuracy± 2% or ± 2°C (± 3.6 °F) (In high temperature range 50 °C to +1000 °C) (122 °F to 1832 °F)
Spectral Range7.5 – 13.5 μm
FocusFocused on infinity
Digital zoom1 – 14x continuous
Digitál cameraYes, 800 x 600px
LensesFocal length 35mm FOV 18° x 14°


EN, 1.3 MB, v201126

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