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LWIR, MWIR Optics for Security Applications

Ophir provides a wide range of Infrared optical solutions for a variety of Homeland Security Systems. For Border Patrol and Surveillance applications, Ophir offers selection an off the shelf selection of lenses including it’s widely used 60/180mm, F/1.4 Dual Field Of View (DFOV) lens, 140mm and 210mm F/1.4 lens and it’s ultra-long range DFOV 114/342 mm F/1.35/1.58 for 8-12 micron uncooled cameras. For cooled cameras, Ophir offers a variety of lenses and extenders including 25/80/320mm F/4, 3 Field Of View (3FOV) lens with optional x1.4 extender, 22-275mm F/5.5 Zoom lenses with optional X2 and X2.5 multiplier that extend the focal distances to the range of 55-687mm. For Law Enforcement, Ophir offers a variety of light weight lenses fitted for handheld applications, or UAV’s optical payload. For Site Security applications Ophir offers a wide range of manual, motorized, and athermal lenses. All Ophir’s lenses can be ordered with Hard Carbon coating for outdoor and marine applications.

Ophir Thermal Imaging Lenses Catalog (8.4MB)

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