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Surveillance and Security

Applied Infrared Sensing works in security and surveillance markets offering a wide range of infrared CCTV and thermal imaging cameras, infrared illuminators,  intrusion and motion sensors, fiber optic perimeter intrusion detection systems, systems for coastal surveillance.


High and Medium security sensors for area of specific asset protection. Area Protection, Ladders and Towers, Vehicle Detection, Directional models. The range is supplemented by innovative laser scanning...
Fiber-optic sensors are the ultimate in perimeter protection. Imperviouse to fog, darkness, dust and lightening, they serve as constant sentinels. SCEC approved and economically priced. Fiber SenSys is the world...
SensoGuard Team of engineers has more than 10 years of experience in development of intrusion detection systems based on seismic technology (unattended ground sensor) for both civil and military use. Our sensors...

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