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SCEC Approved! - High Security Applications

High Security versions of PIRAMID XL Outdoor and Indoor motions sensors offer enhanced detection capability. The detection parameters are already to enable these sensors to offer greater overall detection capability for slow moving, fast moving and crawling intruders.

The PIRAMID XL high security version sensors are manufactured using PROTECH’s proprietary Stereo Doppler Microwave Technology combined with Passive Infrared Sensor which provide unique False–Alarm–Free performance.

PROTECH’s sensors are extremely flexible and cost effective. Weather is not a factor for them! They will detect large objects at far distance.

PIRAMID XL sensors are absolutely reliable in a broad range of applications in conjunction with perimeter security: specific assets, strategic areas, water utilities, wastewater treatment plants, bridges, railroads and subway, dams, rooftops, fenced areas, etc.

PIRAMID XL MIL and HS Outdoor Sensors (689KB)
PIRAMID XL MIL Installation Guide (0,11 MB)
PIRAMID XL HS Installation Guide (0,12 MB)
PIRAMID XL Indoor Sensors (0,4 MB)
PIRAMID XL Indoor High Security A&E Spec (0,1 MB)
PIRAMID XL Indoor High Security Installation Guide (0,2 MB)
PIRAMID-XL-Accessories(1) (0,4 MB)

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