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Cables and Conduits

Used together with an Alarm Processing Unit, the Sensor cable forms a complete intrusion detection system. Rugged, durable construction ensures the cable survives exposure to the harsh elements and weather conditions. The maximum zone length Sensor cable is 5 km.Insensitive fiber optic cable provides a way to extend the distance between the deployed Sensor cable and Alarm Processing Unit up to 20 km. Both Sensor cable and Insensitive cable are available in two versions: IC–3, a 3 mm diameter cable for above–ground applications, and IC–4, for buried applications.Fiber SenSys® Conduit provides all–weather protection for fiber optic cable. Constructed of UV–resistant polyethylene, the Conduit is rated to give the cable added resilience and survivability, raising the lifespan of the cable to an expected 20 years. It provides excellent protection against damage by wildlife.In addition, Light Weight conduit offers a cost efficient, flexible alternative to standard protective conduit.

Sensor Cable (0,65 MB)
Insensitive Cable (0,7 MB)
Conduit (0,8 MB)
Light Weight Conduit (0,7 MB)

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