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Blackbodies, Collimators, Optical Testers

CI Systems develops, manufactures, and services the most sophisticated Electro-Optical test and measurement Systems for defence, industrial and scientific markets worldwide.

You may be familiar with CI-Systems as they have been working in the field of Infrared, Visible, Lasers Testing, Spectroradiometry and Spectral imaging for more than 30 years.

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CI's extended area blackbodies produce superior accuracy and uniformity for reliable NIST traceable test and calibration results.


CI's high temperature, high uniformity cavity blackbodies offer long-term temperature stability with rapid warm-up and cool-down.SR-200 is a highly reliable and durable cavity blackbody.


Choose a calibration kit for CI's line of high temperature cavity blackbodies or for extended area blackbodies.CK-20 is a traceable temperature calibration kit that enables fully automatic or semi-automatic recalibration of CI's high temperature cavity blackbodies.


CI's targets and target wheels for the IR and visible ranges are designed for the testing and evaluation of high-end E-O testing systems.


A variable frequency radiation modulator, SR-60 is a high performance chopper for many applications, including IR jammer simulation and low-level radiation detection.


CI Systems's ILET (Intermediate Level Electro-optical tester) family of test systems are most suitable for performing optical and Boresight tests at the I level and in the laboratory.


METS (Modular E-O Testing System), incorporating CI's reflective optics, extended area blackbody and a motorized target wheel, provides fast and reliable testing for repeatable and objective results.


The wide field of view IR test collimator is used to test thermal imagers in their wide field of view mode of operation. Typical applications include navigational FLIR's and commercial imagers.

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