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AIRPHEN 6 (7) channel multispectral camera

HIPHEN is a spin-off of INRA ( National Institute of Agronomic Research, France) specialising in measuring plants, for high throughput phenotyping.

HIPHEN developed algorithms and methods for estimating biophysical variables, (chlorophyll content, leaf area index, plant counting, etc) of a vegetal canopy.

A real scientific sensor was required to meet these needs and the result was AIRPHEN.

AIRPHEN is a scientific multispectral camera developed by agronomists for agricultural applications. It can be embedded in different types of platforms such as UAV, phenotyping robots, etc. AIRPHEN is highly configurable (bands, fields of view), lightweight and compact. It can be operated wireless and combined with complementary thermal infrared channel and high resolution RGB cameras.

Main features of Airphen camera:

  • Can be integrated in various types of UAV
  • Lightweight: 200g
  • Provided with batteries, but can easily be connected with UAV power supply
  • Has its own GPS, but can also be connected to UAV GPS if available
  • Can be triggered by UAV (5V signal), or autonomously (at a given frequency)

6 configurable global shutter cameras:

  • By default 450/530/570/675/710/730/750/850 nm having FWHM of 10nm, but other bands can be configured as a special order.
  • Configurable focal distance, by default 4,2mm or 8mm or both.
  • Camera temperature

Can control other sensors:

  • Radiometric thermal camera -FLIR tau2
  • RGB camera


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