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Pika XC2

The Pika XC2 hyperspectral camera is Resonon's highest-precision Visible+Near-Infrared (VNIR) imager, covering the 400 - 1000 nm spectral range.   It has higher spatial and spectral resolutions than the Pika L hyperspectral camera.

The Pika XC2 is ideal for researchers who need high-precision data.

The Pika XC2 can be used with any of our laboratory, outdoor, and remote sensing hyperspectral imaging systems.

Because of its higher precision, the Pika XC2 generates large datasets.  Resonon's hyperspectral software provides hardware and software binning capabilities in both the spatial and spectral dimensions, enabling smaller data volumes when reduced resolutions are acceptable.

All Resonon hyperspectral cameras, including the Pika XC2, use a pushbroom (i.e. line-scan) approach to imaging.

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Spectral Range (nm) 400 - 1000
Spectral Channels Channels447
Spectral Sampling (nm) 1.3
Spectral Resolution - FWHM (nm) 2.3
Spatial Pixels 1600
Max Frame Rate (fps) 165
f/# 2.4
Interface USB 3.0
Dimensions (cm) 27.0 x 10.5 x 7.6
Weight, w/lens (kg) 2.57
Hyperspectral Terminology Glossary Click here

Download Pika XC2 Data Sheet

Objective Lenses for Pika XC2

Focal Length (mm) FOV (deg) IFOV (mrad)
70 7.7 0.17
12 42.7 1.00
8 60.8 1.5
6 76 2.00

Product Data Sheet

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Pika XC2 Hyperspectral Camera Data Sheet

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