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Outdoor Hyperspectral Imaging Systems

Portable Hyperspectral Imaging System

Our Outdoor System is used to acquire hyperspectral data in the field where portability is critical.  The Resonon pushbroom hyperspectral camera is mounted on a rotation stage that sits on a specially-modified tripod.  During data acquisition the stage rotates the hyperspectral camera, scanning the scene of interest.  The imager and stage are controlled using Spectronon software.

Raw hyperspectral data is converted to radiance and reflectance using radiometric calibration data and a calibration standard placed in the scene.  The calibration standard is a special tarpaulin with a known (mostly flat) reflectance.  These operations can be processed using Spectronon software.

Resonon's systems are turnkey solutions ready for immediate use, including all hardware and software necessary to acquire and analyze hyperspectral data.

Outdoor systems can be fitted with any of Resonon's hyperspectral imaging cameras covering the 350 - 1700 nm spectral range. 

System components:

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Max travel angle 360 deg
Rotation stage speed range 0.28 - 56.25 deg/s
Power requirements 12V, 2A
System weight, no imager (kg/lb) 8.5 / 18.6
Weight in travel case, no imager (kg/lb) 23.5 / 51.8
Travel case dimensions (cm/in) 84 x 41 x 56 / 33 x 16 x 22
Hyperspectral Terminology Glossary Click here

Download Outdoor Field System Data Sheet

Product Data Sheet

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Hyperspectral Cameras Data Sheet

Benchtop and Outdoor Systems Data Sheet

Tutorial Video

Data Analysis Using Spectronon Software

Focusing the Outdoor System

Setting the Aspect Ratio in the Outdoor System

Outdoor System: Converting Raw Data to Reflectance

Product Manual

Spectronon User's Manual [online]

Spectronon User's Manual [pdf]

Quick Start Guide [online]

Quick Start Guide [pdf]

Outdoor System Assembly Guide [pdf]

Introduction to Data Processing with Spectronon [pdf]

Creating Training Sets and Using Regression Analysis in Spectronon [pdf]

Tutorial on User-Written Plugins in Spectronon [pdf]

Using the Batch Processor [pdf]

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