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Spectroradiometers, Spectrometers

CI Systems

CI Systems has been producing and supplying infrared radiometric and spectroradiometric products since 1981.

These systems enable measuring of self-emission of objects as function of wavelength or time in calibrated radiometric units.

The wavelength dependent information is obtained in CI’s models by using interference filtering technology, providing full spectral information through Circular Variable Filters or at a number of wavelengths through discrete filters.

Spectra Vista Corporation

Built on over 25 years of research and development, Spectra Vista Corporation instruments combine the leading edge detector technology with precision optics and state of the art electronics to produce the ultimate in field portable spectroradiometers. The versatility of our full line of portable ground spectroradiometers allows measurements in a broad range of areas from ground truthing of airborne campaigns to a number of industrial, military, agricultural, and environmental applications. This spectroradiometric technology enables the user to determine the nature of the material under analysis without direct contact with the sample.


The SR-5000N IR spectroradiometerbuilds on the strength of the SR 5000, the CI Systems' flagship product for the last 35 years. The SR 5000N measures the spectral signatures even at long ranges.


The Atmospheric Transmission Measurement system is designed to provide spectral measurements of atmospheric transmissions up to a distance of 6 km.



Calibration radiometer for Low Energy Pulsed Laser.


The ColoRad is a multi-channel radiometer which is able to perform simultaneous radiometric measurements in up to 4 channels (two of which can be cryogenically cooled) with high sensitivity and speed.


The MiniRad is a fast radiometer performing simultaneous multi-spectral radiometric measurements with high sensitivity and speed.


CI's new SBUV imaging radiometer is the perfect tool for quantitatively measuring SBUV sources in the field.


The BDR provides clear IR contrast of moving targets in air-to-air, ground-to-air and air-to-sea scenarios.


The Orion is a compact dual band fast radiometer. It can be used as a stand-alone radiometer or as an add-on to slow imaging devices or Spectro-Radiometers for measurements of fast transients.


LIGHT WEIGHT - STAND ALONE Field Portable Spectroradiometer with Graphic Data Display, Internal Camera, Onboard GPS and Bluetooth Wireless Communications.


Superior data quality provided by the SVC HR-768i coupled with the ability to collect and review data without an external computer make the SVC HR-768i one of the best instruments available for field applications.


The SVC HR-768si produces the same superior data quality and high spectral resolution as the SVC HR-1024i, while covering the spectral range from 350nm to 1900nm.


This instrument combines the latest technology required to produce exceptional spectral data while capturing digital photographic, GPS and external sensor data.


BreezeTM is the world’s smartest palm-size spectrometer for 400-1700nm with a simple one-button operation. Featuring proprietary miniaturized optics, BreezeTM is highly efficient for maximum sensitivity with ultra-fast acquisition.

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