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Fast Solar Blind Imaging Radiometer - SBUV

CI's new SBUV imaging radiometer is the perfect tool for quantitatively measuring SBUV sources in the field. It measures SBUV phenomena in a very large dynamic range, high frame rates and high spatial resolution with excellent wavelength specificity. The imager is supplied with calibration curves that allow the user to accurately calibrate measurements, advanced measurement and analysis software and a rifle-scope for aid in aiming.


  • Operates in the SBUV waveband with no signal, above background, when pointed directly at the sun
  • Very high sensitivity
  • Very high dynamic range
  • Choice of collecting optics
  • Frame rate as high as 200 Hz
  • Comes complete with a set of 7 ND filters,
  • 105 mm lenses, rifle-scope, lunchbox PC, calibration data and software
  • Interfaces a standard tripod


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