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SG-1 Seismic Detector

The SG-1 is an outdoor seismic detector, which can be integrated with existing security systems.

SG-1 seismic detector is installed underground and is able to recognize footsteps and vehicles.

SG-1 seismic detector is resistant to extreme environmental conditions, such as:

  • Weather & temperature changes
  • A large variety of terrains (no need for line of sight)
  • No interference by vegetation
  • Strong winds

SG-1 seismic detector cutting edge technology provides the ideal protection:

  • Reliability: A unique cutting edge algorithm, developed especially by SensoGuard. Automatically and continuously calibrated to environmental influences, keeping the false alarms rate at an absolute minimum.
  • Event Classification: The SG-1 algorithm classifies the threat and can be configured to different sensitivity levels for each threat.
  • Invisibility: The sensor installed underground cannot be detected by intruders, and does not change the area's appearance. This result in a system which can neither be bypassed nor sabotaged.
  • SG-1 seismic detector includes solid state relay outputs (N.O, N.C) which provide silent operation and longer operating life compared to electro-mechanical relays.
  • Low Power Consumption: The seismic detector consume only 3mW and can be operated by batteries for a very long period of time

How it works:

When an activity is registered in the protected area, the seismic sensor (Geophone) produces a signal which is processed in real time through the advanced algorithm, identifying which type of activity has been registered; walking, vehicle etc.

The SG-1 seismic detector has been developed according to the highest standards and is functioning in a completely reliable manner during several years, with minimum maintenance

Technical specifications:

  • Operating radius: Up to 12 m radius (depending on the area's terrain)
  • Power supply: 3 to 24Vdc
  • Operating voltage:3mW (1mA@3V
  • Exits: Dry contact N.O, N.C, SSR
  • Operating temperature: -30ºc - +70ºc
  • Opacity level:IP67
  • Measures:8.5X8.5 cm


  • Wind Registant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Invisible System
  • Fog Resistant
  • -30°c - +70°c
  • Ultra Low Rower

SG-1 Datasheet
SG-1 User Manual
User Manual SensoGuard Modem
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