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SG Cam KitMobile system with alarm verification

The SG-Cam kit is a battery covert surveillance system with a trigger from SensoGuard Seismic Sensor and GSM alarm validation capability.

Kit Components

  • SensoGuard Wireless Seismic detector with battery for 8 months
  • GSM camera
  • Wireless Receiver
  • Rechargable battery for 60 days

How it works

The seismic detector covers an area of approximately 100 sqm / 1000sqft (10m*10m), detects and classifies footsteps and vehicles (you can set different sensitivity levels for each).

The detector is very reliable and immune to environmental changes such as: fog, temperature changes, day & night conditions, rain, wind etc.

Whenever the seismic detector detects an intrusion, it sends a trigger message wirelessly to the GSM camera (up to 50m away) and the camera take a sanpshot picture immediately.

The camera includes invisible IR leds for night vision (940nm), alerts from the detector are sent via
MMS\Email to any mobile phone (up to 4 numbers).

The trigger time of the system is less than 1 second (the time between the detection and snapshot).

SG-Cam Kit main features

  • Plug & Play: simple installation, maintanance free
  • Hidden system: sensor is 100% covert, the camera can be places in a distance of up to 50m
  • Work on batteries
  • Very Reliable

Example Application

  • Illegal dumping sites
  • prevent illegal hunting
  • archaeological sites protection
  • construction sites protection
  • strategic routes protection
  • agriculture protection


SensoGuard Wireless Seismic Detector

  • Detection area: approx. 100sqm\ 1000sqft (10m*10m)
  • Radio Frequency: UHF-433Mhz (different frequencies available to clients request)
  • Batteries run time: 8 months
  • IP rating: IP67

SensoGuard RF Receiver

  • Rechargable battery working time: 60 days
  • Antenna options: internal / external antenna

GSM Camera

  • 10MP camera
  • 940nm IR leds
  • Smartphone App for remote camera configuration

SensoGuard SG-Cam kit

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