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Methane/Natural Gas Camera

Methane, Natural Gas detection cameras which we supply bring the accuracy of detection and reliability of measurement in real world outdoor conditions to a new level. You will find only the best quality from reputable manufacturers on our web site.


The Workswell GIS-320 gas imaging system is the perfect solution for leak detection. It's unique pairing of both thermal and digital cameras makes it a versatile instrument. The GIS-320’s infra-red camera can be used to identify the escape of specific gases, as well as their presence in the air. It can also enhance environmental safety testing. This positions the Workswell unit as an aid in environmental protection, as well as in human health and safety efforts.


The Methane/Natural Gas Camera continuously monitors a large volume of space. The camera is a fully integrated unit capable of autonomously detecting methane and natural gas clouds that exceed safety levels and produce warnings.

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