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Workswell SAFETIS Outdoor Pan-Tilt – thermal camera for fast detection of the risk of flare-up

PS_55 : Termokamera SAFETIS Outdoor s krytím IP67. Základní prvek protipožárního systému SAFETIS pro včasnou detekci zahoření.

Workswell SAFETIS Outdoor Pan-Tilt is a thermal camera (thermocamera) specially constructed for the fast detection of the risk of flare-up before the occurrence of fire. It is one of the components of the SAFETIS system, and as results from the name, the SAFETIS Outdoor Pan-Tilt camera is designed for outdoor installations

The high level of IP67 coverage and mechanical strength ensure sufficient resistance of the thermal camera, which also includes within demanding outdoor conditions. The thermal camera is fully radiometric with a resolution of 336 x 256 pixels or 640 x 512 pixels and with an image frequency of 9 Hz, 30 Hz or 60 Hz.

SAFETIS Outdoor Pan-Tilt as a fully radiometric thermal camera, enables, in addition to the detection of the risk of the occurrence or the presence of the fire, also with high precision to change the surface temperature (the uncertainty of measurement is 2°C ± 2%). Information about the surface temperature is important for the evaluation of the risk of flare-up as temperature trends are the main information used to evaluate the risk of the occurrence of fire. Due to the high-temperature sensitivity, the system can record the minimum changes in the temperature. The system's intelligence is, according to the setting of the operator and the adaptation of the system, able to prevent most false alarms.

: Termokamera SAFETIS Outdoor Pan-Tilt s krytím IP67. Základní prvek protipožárního systému SAFETIS pro včasnou detekci zahoření. PS_32

Upon an alarm, the SMARTIS thermal camera informs the master system through one of seven digital outputs (type of open collector). Individual outputs can be assigned to various events, areas and types of alarms.

SAFETIS thermal cameras come with two temperature ranges, i.e. -25 °C to 150 °C, or -40 °C to +550 °C, with an external filter then +50 °C to 1,000 °C or +400 °C to 1,500 °C


Wide range of lens

To be able to adapt the thermal camera for the stated application, the offer includes four lens with fields of vision 90°x69°, 69°x56°, 45°x37° and 32°x26° for 640 x 512 px a 45°x35°, 35°x27°, 25°x19° a 17°x13° for 335 x 256 px. Depending on the lens used, it is possible to monitor, for example, distant objects or, on the contrary, the surface of a nearby object with a wider area (for example, warehouse, surface of a conveyor or weighing pit, etc.).

The size of the recorded area, depending on the distance and the type of lens used, can be verified n the calculator for the field of vision.

SAFETIS system components

The following thermal cameras are included in the SAFETIS system:

In addition, the offer includes a further two special thermal cameras. One of these is SAFETIS Stainless Steel. The protection cover of this camera is designed to provide resistance under external conditions in special fields of industry where there are highly corrosive influences or the occurrence of aluminium is prohibited. This camera is adapted for demanding outdoor use with a high level of coverage.

The second special thermal camera is SAFETIS EX-proof – a specially modified cover enables to install the camera in an environment with the risk of explosion where it is necessary to comply with strict standards. This camera has ATEX certification.

PS_56 SAFETIS Control Software rozhraní termokamera fire_graph_stage_1

The principle of fast detection of fire by SAFETIS thermal cameras

The principle of the function of the fast detection of fire or the risk of flare-up by SAFETIS thermal cameras is based on the continuous measurement of heating and temperature changes in the recorded scene. Temperature trends are consequently evaluated and using specific algorithms, the potential risk of flare-up is stated while false alarms are eliminated within the necessary extent. The SAFETIS system is able to react much earlier than all other systems that indicate the symptoms of an already originated fire.

Gradual heating

Flames and smoke have not started yet. There is only the risk of gradual warming. Despite the fact that the smoke detectors do not respond, the SAFETIS system records small changes in heating and can react early.

Smoke generation

Smoke detectors respond in this phase, i.e. at the time when the smoke is generated. However, this is a risky phase where the rapid escalation of a destructive fire can occur. The SAFETIS system would have reacted a long time ago to the origination of this event.


In this phase, flames are visible and smoke is generated. Special CCTV cameras and the smoke detectors respond to this. Usually, this is too late and the loss of property or life frequently occurs.

Typical applications of the SAFETIS fire system

Some of the typical applications of the SAFETIS system are used to monitor the following areas:

  • Industrial warehouses
  • Ammunition warehouses
  • Coal warehouses and conveyors
  • Power plants and electric energy distribution systems
  • Agricultural warehouses, food warehouses
  • ATEX environment
  • Depots and incineration plants, warehouses for hazardous waste
  • Conveyor belts
  • Chemical and industrial plants
  • Cement plants
  • Monitoring of perimeters

 Ukázka obrazovky z jednotky SAFETIS Control Unit. K jednotce je aktuálně připojeno 16 termokamer, jejichž obraz je pozorován v rámci jedné přehledové obrazovky. V pravém horním rohu obrazovky je zřejmé, že systém hlásí alarm. Vestavěný Web-server - konfigurace oblastí zájmu (ROI) v níž budou detekovány jednotlivé alarmy.

Central unit or Web-server

Each SAFETIS thermal camera can be communicated with through a built-in Web-server. This server provides a basic image stream as well as options for advanced configuration and setting all necessary parameters.

The multi-camera system can be connected through the SAFETIS Control Unit. This unit enables to interconnect up to 16 SAFETIS thermal cameras with any construction. Cameras can be configured from this central unit, as well as to show alarms, etc. More information about the central unit can be found on the separate product page SAFETIS Control Unit.

Technical parameters

SAFETIS Indoor specification table
Resolution 336 x 256 pixels 640 x 512 pixels
Image frequency 9 Hz, 30 Hz or 60 Hz 9 Hz or 30 Hz
Temperature ranges -25°C to +150 °C
  -40°C to +550 °C
  Optional extended temperature range +50 °C to +1 000 °C (filter)
  Optional extended temperature range +400 °C to +1 500 °C (filter)
Temperature sensitivity 0.05 °C (50 mK)
Spectral range 7.5 – 13.5 µm
Detector type Uncooled VOx microbolometer
Focus Continuous manual (fixed focusable, min focus distance depends on lens)
Calibration Yes, including calibration certificate
Web server Yes, integrated with additional early fire detection functions
FOV/Focal length 640 x 512 iFOV Accuracy Pixel size
FOV 90° x 69° / 7.5 mm 2.267 mrad ±2 % or ±2 °C 2.3 mm from 1 meter
FOV 69° x 56° / 9 mm 1.889 mrad ±2 % or ±2 °C 1.9 mm from 1 meter
FOV 45° x 37° / 13 mm 1.308 mrad ±2 % or ±2 °C 1.3 mm from 1 meter
FOV 32° x 26° / 19 mm 0.895 mrad ±2 % or ±2 °C 0.9 mm from 1 meter
FOV/Focal length 336 x 256 iFOV Accuracy Pixel size
FOV 45° x 35° / 6.8 mm 2.267 mrad ±2 % or ±2 °C 2.3 mm from 1 meter
FOV 35° x 27° / 9 mm 1.889 mrad ±2 % or ±2 °C 1.9 mm from 1 meter
FOV 25° x 19° / 13mm 1.308 mrad ±2 % or ±2 °C 1.3 mm from 1 meter
FOV 17° x 13° / 19mm 0.895 mrad ±2 % or ±2 °C 0.9 mm from 1 meter
SAFETIS Outdoor built-in functions (integrated web-server)
Camera configuration Built-in web-server for easy and fast sensor configuration, Google Chrome, Safari, Explorer or Firefox browser compatible, no external software required
Monitoring and alarming Extreme detection, MAX/MIN evaluation, Dynamic/Static measurement, User Control Table (Logical rules and PLC connection), Selectable digital output for specific ROI result (OR/AND operators)
Visualization Real-time video streaming, Pallet settings, Overlay elements, Digital zooming, Numeric and statistical indicators, Input and Output overview panel
Image correction Non-Uniformity Correction asynchronous/synchronous/triggerable
ROI User definable measurement area (Point, Line, Polyline, Rect., Polygon, Circle) Multiple product selection for ROI presets (Manual or via Ethernet)
Others Real-time Clock, Emissivity correction, Multiple languages
Camera configuration Camera is completely configured via SAFETIS Control software that is preinstalled on SAFETIS Control Unit
Number of cameras Up to 16 cameras connected to single SAFETIS Control unit
Monitoring and alarming Advanced analytics functions, Extreme detection, MAX/MIN evaluation, Dynamic/Static measurements, User Control Table (Logical rules for PLC connection), Selectable digital outputs for specific ROI measurement analysis
Advanced analytics functions Yes, eliminating of non-alarm triggers, eliminating of moving objects etc.
Graphical alarm visualization Yes
Recording Pre-alarm recording function allows to start recording before the alarms appear
Image recording Yes
Fully radiometric recording Yes
Logging Yes
Visualization Real-time video streaming from up to 16 cameras, Pallet settings, Overlay elements, Digital zooming, Numeric and statistical indicators
Visualization on desktop Visualization can be reorganized according to customer wish
Graphs visualization from ROI Yes
ROI User definable measurement area (Point, Line, Polyline, Rect., Polygon, Circle)
Digital outputs Up to 15 digital outputs (7 on the camera, 8 on the SAFETIS Control Unit)
Network and I/O connectivity  
Network connectivity Ethernet for streaming and control (IEEE 802.3) Ethernet 100Mb/sec, RJ-45, Metal cable gland protection
Digital outputs on the camera 7 x Isolated open collector output (max 40 VDC), M12 circular thread
Environmental data, dimensions and power supply  
IP protection (Encapsulation) IP67 with cable glands
Operating temperature -25°C to +50°C
Automatic heaters Yes, including clearing the window from ice
Storage temperature -40°C to +70°C
Humidity 5% to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions and weight 493 x 175 x 168 mm, 5.3 kg, durable aluminum body
Supply input 230 Vac, < 20 W, M12 circular thread
Mounting More information in the housing datasheet



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