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Workswell TIS 640

The Truck Infrared System (TIS) from Workswell s.r.o. is a turnkey thermal imaging system designed to be applied on firefighting vehicles. The entire system is based on a thermal imaging camera with the ability to control it by PTZ system motors. It can be controlled remotely, directly from the cabin of a vehicle or by using a tablet with a remote connection.

The system consists of two kinds of cameras: a thermal imaging camera for scanning and mapping environments with the infrared spectrum, and a standard digital camera to provide images in the visible spectrum at the same time. Both cameras are kept in a protective housing designed for operations in rough conditions. These protective housings secure a high degree of IP67 protection, i.e. ensuring its dustproof and watertight properties (such housing is water resistant up to one meter for 30 minutes). The housing also secures a high degree of measurement accuracy: the protective window is made of germanium (a top-quality material for LWIR thermal imaging cameras); structure of the housing is designed to provide a proper heat permeability through the housing of thermal imaging camera. Thus, high temperature stability and accuracy of measurement is easily ensured.


The system is heat resistant from -20°C to +60°C, determining the operating temperature for the protective housing.

The PTZ system can be controlled via a software control unit by using the tablet buttons. The operator can pre-set the motor positions to be used as the default or the pre-programmed settings, when the motor returns to its original position. Subsequently, the operator can display the radiometric images and sequences on his PC and modify them by using the Workswell CorePlayer or ThermoFormat software. When using the CorePlayer software, it is also possible to create protocols from the entire set of thermographic images.



Workswell TIS 640

Workswell TIS 640


he TIS can work in pre-set modes that can be set and edited subsequently, as needed. These modes are designed to set live transmission from the thermal imaging camera and to set up the screen presentation. The settings may be added or removed very easily by using only two buttons. The modes contain the following settings: applied colour palette for thermal image, automatic or manual temperature range, and in case of manual settings of the temperature range, the minimum and maximum temperatures. It is also possible to set up on/off switching of the alarm (isothermal) mode, highlighting the temperatures on the image by using selected colours. Also, the maximum and minimum temperature for the alarm and the colour of the alarm in the image is related thereto.

The temperature range of the thermal imaging camera can be set to a low temperature range (0-250 °C) or to a high temperature range (50-1000 °C). The modes provide the possibility to set the measurement elements in the thermal image as well, displaying the maximum, minimum and central temperature of the image.

The tablet controlling this system comfortably from the vehicle cabin, should be connected to the control computer by using a PC Remote application for remote control. The tablet-based system application displays live transmission from both cameras at the same time, allowing you to make all the settings.



Workswell TIS 640

For language setting the user may opt for in Czech or English. It is also possible to select the temperature scale in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The entire system is powered by a 24 VDC-30 VDC power supply, reaching up to 28V while starting the system.

Package contains the following:

  • Thermal imaging camera with a camera for visible spectrum in a protective housing
  • PTZ motor with a control unit
  • Industrial control PC
  • Touchscreen

Technical parameters

Thermal imaging camera Truck Infrared System
Resolution 640 x 512 pixels
Temperature ranges 0°C to +250°C
  50°C to +1000°C
Temperature sensitivity 50mK (0.05°C)
Accuracy ± 2% or ± 2°C (In high temperature range 50 °C to +1000 °C)
Spectral Range 7.5 – 13.5 μm
Calibration Yes
Focus Focused on infinity
Digital zoom 1 – 14x continuous
Digitál camera Yes, 800 x 600px
Lenses Focal length 35mm FOV 18° x 14°


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