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OEM ThermoInspector for FLIR

The Workswell OEM ThermoInspector system for FLIR thermal cameras is a parameterized thermal imaging inspection system (OEM kit) for the for inspecting of the quality. The ThermoInspector system has been proven to work in many various area of industry: plastic, glass, steel, foundry, wood, paper and chemical industries, etc.

An advantage of the Workswell OEM ThermoInspector is its full compatibility with FLIR GigE thermo cameras, i.e. Automation series FLIR Ax5, A315 and A615, Science series FLIR A325sc and A655sc and also with FLIR cooled thermal cameras, which enables easy integration and use within various applications.

System composition

The primary part of the OEM ThermoInspector system consists of a central unit with the option to simultaneously connect up to four thermal FLIR cameras that can be enclosed into protective cover with a high level of the coverage. Due to the wide compatibility with the FLIR thermal camera, it is possible to combine multiple systems and install various thermal cameras for one application.

The central unit of the system is a universal industrial PC with included peripherals, 8 x digital inputs / outputs, 4x Ethernet interface with an integrated PoE supply and peripherals ports for connection with add-in systems. Furthermore, the system is cooled passively without the need for ventilators or fans. The central unit is available in two versions: as a separate industrial PC with dimensions 26 x 22 x 8cm, or as all-in-one PC with a high-quality touch full HD screen with a high level of coverage (IP65 enclosure).

Full system specification can be found in the datasheet.

System function

The Workswell ThermoInspector is a programmable system to inspect quality production. A major benefit of this system is the wide-ranging options for the configuration and programming of the system, including the appearance and evaluation of functions. The system also allows you to create programme modules for specific machine vision algorithms or videometry, which is required for some applications.

The system also allows you to set the visualization (temperature profiles and time courses, method of visualization, including setting of pallets, etc.), alarms, evaluation rules etc. Of the system. The system can record data constantly and can record individual anomalous events on a HDD or to a server via ethernet.

Using digital inputs and outputs, the system can be connected to the master control system, such as PLC or it can directly control the manufacturing machinery and process.

Technical parameters

Central controll units 2 possible versions: Passive central controller or Touchscreen central controller
Camera ports: 4 x Gigabit PoE Ethernet, 2 x Gigabit Ethernet for PLC
Digital Inputs: 8 x isolated (24 VDC compatible) inputs
Digital Outputs: 8 x open collector outputs
Serial ports: RS232, RS485
Power supply: 6-36VDC
USB ports: 2 x USB3 super speed ports for data uploading
Embedded operating system optimized for multi-camera connection
Thermal cameras Up to 4 connected LWIR cameras per one central unit, 3 different available
resolutions: 640 x 512 pixels, 336 x 256 pixels, 160 x 128 pixels with 5 different
infrared lens with manual focus system
Lenses: Interchangeable and focusable, various field of view
Framerate up to 30Hz
Temperature range: -25°C to +150°C, -40°C °C to +550°C, optional up to 2000°C
Accuracy: ±2% or ±2°C
Temperature sensitivity: ≤0.03°C (30mK) @ 30°C
Kalibration Yes, every delivered camera or on field calibration wizard available
Cables and adapters Digital input and output cable with terminal block for easy DIN rail mounting
Ethernet cable for every delivered camera
Optional power supply adapter for 230VAC
Delivery content TIxx package: Touchscreen Panel Controller or Passive Controller (IR Software
included, LCD, 4 PoE ports, isolated DIO, SW, 6-36VDC), IR camera (160x128px,
up to 550°C, no lens, <30Hz, PoE), Cables (DIO 1m, UTP 10m, DIO board)
Controller Supply Input 6-36VDC or 230VAC (with additional adapter)
Camera Supply input Integrated in every Central Controller unit, Power over Ethernet supplying
Power dissipation 150 W (Touch-screen controller version)
120 W (Passive controller version)
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