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Bobcat 320

The Bobcat-320 is a small, high performance shortwave infrared camera. Its thermoelectric cooler ensures excellent low noise and low dark current characteristics.

The Bobcat-320 targets cost-sensitive volume markets such as laser beam analysis applications, sorting & recycling industry and investigation of defects inside silicon semiconductor material. This shortwave infrared camera comes with a CameraLink or GigE Vision interface and has a low weight, low power consumption and is small in size.

With the Bobcat-320 SWIR camera you can look through glass, so the use of standard available C-Mount lenses and protective camera housings is no problem. Again making this infrared camera affordable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Benefits & features

  • High sensitivity
    Low NETD detector for high sensitivity
  • 2 versions available
    We offer a basic 100 Hz version and an advanced 400 Hz version
  • Flexible and easy-to-use
    Plug and play ethernet interface
  • Ethernet standard interfaces
    Ethernet plug and play interface
  • Fast time to market with easy integration
    Plug and play ethernet interface

Designed for use in

  • Food inspection
    Bruises on food can be detected due to the higher moisture contect which will appear darker in the SWIR images
  • Laser beam profiling
    Laser beam analysis for infrared lasers at, e.g., 1064, 1300 and 1550 nm
  • Quality control and quality assurance
    Able to display real time images for quality control
  • Semiconductor inspection
    SWIR cameras are able to see through silicon
  • Thermal imaging of hot objects (300˚C to 800˚C range)
    Thermal radiation emitted in this range can be detected on a SWIR camera
  • Waste sorting
    SWIR camera is used to check and compare reflectance values for different waste materials


  • 2 years warranty
    Xenics has extended the standard warranty to 2 years
  • Various lens and filter options
    Various options for lenses and filters with C-mount interface
  • SWaP (Small size, weight and power )
    Small volume, low weight and low power consumption for demanding applications
  • Windowing mode
    Imaging in a reduced window of interest for increased frame rates (400Hz version only)
  • High sensitivity
    Low noise for detection of small signals
  • Compatible with a variety of framegrabbers
    Several compatible frame grabbers for CameraLink interface are available (Euresys Grablink Full, NI 1433 and Imperx Framelink Express VCE-CLEX01).
  • IR camera software included
    Xeneth camera control and imaging software is included
  • Trigger
    External trigger for signal synchronization
  • TrueNUC image correction
    400 Hz-GigE: Non uniformity correction for a wide range of integration times
    400 Hz-CL: Non uniformity correction for a wide range of integration times with auto-exposure
    100 Hz: Non uniformity correction for a number of fixed integration times
  • High dynamic range
    High dynamic range mode available

Camera specifications

Camera Specifications

Array SpecificationsBobcat-320
Array type InGaAs
Spectral band 0.9 μm to 1.7 μm
Resolution 320 x 256
Pixel pitch 20 μm
Array cooling TE1-stabilized
Full well capacity 125 k e-
Pixel operability > 99 %

Array Specifications

Camera SpecificationsBobcat-320-CLBobcat-320-GigE
Focal length Broad selection of lenses available
Optical interface C-mount
Imaging performance
Maximum frame rate (full frame) 100 Hz or 400 Hz
Window of interest Minimum size 32 x 4 (only for 400 Hz model)
Exposure time range 1 µs to 40 ms
Dynamic range 61 dB
ADC 14 bit
On-board image processing Auto-Gain, Auto-Offset, Auto-Exposure (for 400 Hz CameraLink version) Auto-Gain, Auto-Offset
Camera control CameraLink GigE Vision
Digital output 14 bit CameraLink 14 bit GigE
Trigger Trigger in or out (configurable)
Power requirements
Power consumption 2.8 W 4 W
Power supply 12 V
Physical characteristics
Ambient operating temperature range -40ºC to 70ºC (industrial components)
Dimensions (W x H x L mmᵌ) 55 x 55 x 72 55 x 55 x 82
Weight camera head 285 g 334 g

Brochure Bobcat-320 (EN)

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