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Versatile NIR/SWIR InGaAs camera — Xenics Xeva-1.7 (900 to 1700 nm or 400 to 1700nm)

Xeva-1.7 is a NIR/ SWIR infrared camera that employs a 320×256 InGaAs or 640×512 FPA for imaging in the 900 to 1700 nm wavelength range (optionally 400 to 1700 nm).The camera allows for exposure times from 1 µs to more than 20s (with TE3 cooling), to give optimum image quality, flexibility and sensitivity under extremely varying imaging conditions. The compact Xeva-1.7 camera comes with USB2.0 and CameraLink (Base) communication as standard.Applications — laser beam profiling at 13xx and 15xx nm, photon emission microscopy (TE3 version), surveillance, seeing through smoke, dust, haze, etc., night glow imaging, thermal imaging for high temperatures (>150°C), semiconductor inspection, seeing through silicon, solar cell inspection (luminescence), laser range gated imaging at 15xx nm, imaging of designation and range finding lasers, camouflage detection, wavefront sensing for adaptive optics, hyperspectral SWIR imaging, art inspection (seeing through paint), etc.

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Xenics Xeva-1.7-320 Scientific brochure
Xenics Xeva 1.7-320 VisNIR brochure (broadband 400nm -1700nm)
Xenics Xeva 1.7-320 TE3 brochure (deep cooling for low dark noise)
Xencis Xeva 1.7-320 Thermography brochure (high temperatures with uncertain emissivity)
Xeva-17-640 brochure (Xeva with high resolution detector)

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