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Xenics xenics.com, sinfrared.com Xenics offers products covering the most active IR wavelength areas from 1 up to 14 micrometer. They come as line–scan as well as two–dimensional devices. Xenics also markets custom detectors, advanced near to long wave infrared cameras both cooled and uncooled and electro–optic instrumentation solutions. Xenics is represented with Sinfrared in Asia Pacific.

Pegase Systems pegase–systems.com Pegase Systems is a high technology European company specialized in designing and supplying innovative solutions dedicated to surveillance and monitoring of maritime traffic. The range of products and solutions includes maritime radars, sensors and navigation systems.

NEC AVIO Infrared Technologies nec–avio.co.jp The largest and the most prominent supplier of hand–held multi–purpose infrared thermal imaging cameras in Japan and Asia–Pacific region. Preventative maintenance, buildings, medical, research and development.

CI Systems ci–systems.com The biggest name in: electro–optical testing, radiometry and remote sensing, target signature characterisation and analysis.

OBZERV Technologies obzerv.com Unique laser active range gating surveillance cameras. Unprecedented night time range, weather resistance and picture quality. New surveillance technology.

Opgal opgal.com OPGAL Optronics Industries is a leading global manufacturer of innovative thermal imaging safety systems and infrared cameras.

Protech USA protechusa.com The most reliable indoor and outdoor intrusion and motion sensors in the world.

Raptor Photonics raptorphotonics.com Raptor Photonics is a high technology company based in Northern Ireland, with main focus on design, manufacture and sell the next generation of high performance, low light level digital cameras. The company has more than 40 years of combined technological experience in CCD, ICCD, EMCCD, CCTV, SWIR and video design.

Fiber SenSys fibersensys.com American manufacturer of reliable, high–performance fiber–optic intrusion detection solutions for a wide variety of markets: military installation, airports, government facilities, prisons, nuclear and chemical plants, refineries, estates and heritage properties, power stations and reservoirs.

BaySpec bayspec.com BaySpec, Inc. is the world class manufacturer of Raman Spectroscopy Analysers benchtop, NIR Spectroscopy equipment and Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Analysers.

AST is a leading manufacturer of, complete line of Infrared Pyrometers and accessories for non contact temperature measurement in Processes Industries, R&D and many other applications. AST (3T) has a totally new approach for handling the unstable targets and intermediate conditions commonly found in the aluminum, steel and other metals industries while still indicating the target temperature to a high degree of accuracy.

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