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Xenics (Belgium) . Xenics offers products covering the most active IR wavelength areas from 1 up to 14 micrometer. They come as line–scan as well as two–dimensional devices. Xenics is most well known by their SWIR detectors and cameras. Xenics also markets custom detectors, advanced near to long wave infrared cameras both cooled and uncooled and electro–optic instrumentation solutions. Xenics is represented by Sinfrared (Singapore) in Asia Pacific.

Resonon (USA) leaders in Hyperspectral Imaging. Very popular in Australia and New Zealand Research fields.  Resonon make off-the-shelf Airborne, Benchtop and Field Hyperspectral kits in addition to their excellent Pica range of hyperspectral imagers.

AVIO (Nippon Avioncs) The largest and the most prominent supplier of hand–held multi–purpose infrared thermal imaging cameras in Japan and Asia–Pacific region. Preventative maintenance, buildings, medical, research and development.

CI Systems (Israel, USA) ci– The biggest name in Electro–Optical Testing, Radiometry and Remote Sensing, target signature characterisation and analysis.  Blackbody calibration sources, collimators, spectroradiometers, and many more cutting edge technologies. 

Telops (Canada) manufactures advanced infrared (thermal imaging) fast cameras. They are particularly well known for Thermal Hyperspectral Imaging and Multispectral Imaging in Thermal Bands 1-5um and 8-12 um.

Ophir Optronics  is the leader in infrared, thermal imaging lens manufacturing (1-5um, 3-5um, 8-14um). Ophir lenses are found in many global brands as OEM part but they are also available in small quantities. 

Optec (Italy)  is a large European supplier of high quality SWIR lenses (400 – 1700nm, 900 – 1700nm, and up to 2500nm).

Protech USA The most reliable indoor and outdoor intrusion and motion sensors in the world.  The range includes area protection, ladder and tower protection, SCEC Approved options as well.

Fiber SenSys American manufacturer of reliable, high–performance fiber–optic fence protection,  intrusion detection solutions for a wide variety of markets: military installation, airports, government facilities, prisons, nuclear and chemical plants, refineries, estates and heritage properties, power stations and reservoirs.  SCEC Approved models available.

BaySpec (USA) BaySpec, Inc. makes innovative hyperspectral imagers and multispectral cameras .

SILIOS (France) is a fast growing manufacturer of innovative snapshot multispectral cameras based on The COLOR SHADES® technology, unique manufacturing technique of producing multispectral pixelated filters.

NITNew Imaging Technologies (France)  manufacture unique InGaAs detector based infrared cameras (NIR or SWIR cameras) with dual mode of operation: Linear (usual for high sensitivity) and Logarithmic (Broad Dynamic Range of 120dB). Gated mode is available in some models (for active imaging through obscurants like rain, snow, dust…)

Spectra Vista (USA)  is well known for it’s research grade highest quality spectroradiometers and accessories which are equally great in the field, in the lab and even under water. Workswell Infrared Cameras and Systems – leading European producer of thermal imaging cameras, systems and solutions for Industrial, R&D, OEM and Medical applications.  InfiRay a large manufacturer of infrared (thermal imaging) focal plane detectors, and excellent range of thermal cameras for industrial, consumer and security applications. Vertically integrated production keeps prices affordable and quality high.